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Christian Ch Eggenberger

Service for unique 360 degree aerial view recordings - Onlin

Dear fotocommunity,

I am an enthusiastic photographer always eager to experiment with new technologies. At the moment, I experiment with 360 degree photos and videos. I also plan to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / drones to capture spectacular photos and videos. However, I recognized during my stays in Scotland and Australia that there are more and more no-fly zones for drones at various points of interest. Based on this experience, I asked myself, would other people see any value, if a special 360 degree bird view service would be available?

For this reason, I developed an online survey, you can access in English, German and Spanish via the following links.


May I ask you to take the survey which requires max. 10 minutes of your valuable time.

In case, you find this survey interesting, I would be delighted if you would draw the attention of other family members, relatives, friends or acquaintances to this survey. Please, let me know of any ideas of other places to make people aware on this survey.

Thanks a lot and best regards

Chris Eggenberger
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