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Mika Wilhelms

Quick interview for my extended essay

I am Mika and am currently moving into grade 12 doing the ib curriculum. For my extended essay, I am writing on the design of cameras and why many professional photographers still prefer DSLR cameras over mirrorless, bridge and compact cameras. I would like to ask some (6) questions that you could answer from a professional photographer's perspective. If possible this would improve my extended essay and help me greatly. Thank you


What type of photography do you specialize in?
What type of lenses do you use for taking most of your regular professional photos?
What type of Camera do you use? (DSLR? Mirrorless?)
Why do you use this Camera Format?
From a professional photographers perspective, what kind of things are most important to you in a camera for professional use?
Are there any missing features in the market for cameras or are there any design flaws in all cameras that could be implemented? (Is there anything you can add to the camera that would make it better?)

Thank you, for answering these questions. If you know any other professional photographer who would also like to answer the questions for making my primary research more reliable then please send me a link to their contact (E-mail, Phone Number or Social Media account).
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Ken Piros

March 2015 Monthly Theme – Numbers

Nice post
09.08.18, 07:04
Nice post
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Deleted user

NikCollection now freely downloadable from Google

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09.08.18, 07:03
Thanks for sharing this
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Ken Piros

May 2018 Monthly Theme – Hands

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09.08.18, 07:02
Nice post
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Web Development

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