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March 2015 Monthly Theme – Numbers

Nice post
09.08.18, 07:04
Nice post
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online photoshop free: very basic

Quote: mediaguy 28.03.18, 21:39Quote: Amy Quinns 28.03.18, 05:24I cant deny the advantages of Adobe photoshop. They are amazing and can deal with most kind of photoshop you want. If you want some references, here are some free software for photoshop purpose:

Seems like Photoshop is hard to get online for free of cost :-p, I have heard to grab CS2, but i doubt the support has ended, further never found any credible link to download. Just downloaded photoshop 7 ( ... nload.html) considering old is gold but contraints are there as there are missing new contours that the geeks may experience with the CS6 etc.

There're multiple online photo editing tools as for example: and others, just use Google and search.
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