New comments function implemented

Improved communication – all about your photos!

Now you are able to directly respond to comments under your photo. This allows you to separate different discussions of a single picture.

To help you to keep the overview of all your photo discussions, we also optimized the notification display. You will receive the following notifications by “bell” and by mail:

  • reply to your comment
  • more answers to a current discussion
  • appreciation of a comment

You can customize your email preferences to receive additional notifications.

Clicking on the notification or the link in the email will directly show you the new added comment or the answer. This eliminates the annoying search for the latest comment and you can focus on the discussion.

Appreciation of comments

From now on you also have the opportunity to appreciate individual comments or answers. In this way you can agree to a good and / or helpful comment or express gratitude. It helps you to acknowledge individual annotations without having to enter the discussion.

Improved upload: assign up to three sections!

Along with the current optimization of fotocommunity we now present the multiple allocation of sections. With this improvement we are following the desire of many fotocommunity members to be able to assign photos more flexibly.

In the last few weeks we transferred the data of our approximately 20 million photos into a new database structure. We have adapted many lines of fotocommunity code, optimized the upload, the editing page and the fotocommunity search.

Photos are complex. They allow various interpretative approaches and corresponding thematic assignments. We hope to meet your expectations now: premium members can assign up to three sections at a time.

upload with allocation of three sections


infobox below the published photo











Your benefits:

  • diverse assignment of your photos in up to 3 thematically suitable areas
  • more attention for your photo

For members with a free account one section for the upload is still available.

The explore-page: a clear introduction to fotocommunity

Explore fotocommunity in a new way!

This page gives you a quick, clear and relevant overview of different photographers and themes and thus a better access to the variety of photos in our fotocommunity. Its also an interesting tool to discover new uploads after a time of absence.

This new page is located in the menu “Photos“:


Latest trends: here you will find a selection of frequently used keywords.


New photos: the latest uploads from fotocommunity


Upcoming photos: aspiring photos, which are currently the focus of the attention.


Much discussed: in this special list we show you some photos, which are currently widely commented.


Photos of new members: only photos of new users of fotocommunity.


Photos with few comments: only photos with few comments, waiting for your comments.


New photos international: this list shows only photos uploaded in the other 4 language versions.

Introducing the Voting Center

“Popular Photos” –  the community´s flagship for presentation

Last year fotocommunity underwent some significant changes in layout and design to improve usability and better clarity. Our voting center temporarily moved a little bit into the background. However: photos voted into the “Gallery” are presented in the section “Popular photos”. They receive the highest appreciation in our community. As a premium member you are also able to propose your favorite photos for voting.

Because its important for our community we kindly ask you to look for new proposals and to cast your vote.

Here are some photos (no preference, randomly chosen) still waiting for your votes:

Photographer: Bragi Ingibergsson – go to vote


Photographer: Rainer Klassmann – go to vote


Photographer:Jim McKinniss – go to vote


Photographer: Filip Meulemeester – go to vote


Feel free to vote on any other photos! Your vote counts!

The Management

Improved search: section navigation integrated for better results

fotocommunity offers you an infinite number of photos on completely different topics and interests. That´s why we standardized the navigation. Now you are able to reach these different thematic areas everywhere within fotocommunity the same way.

After you became acquainted with the new drill-down navigation tool implemented into the section navigation, upload and edit form, in the last step it has been integrated into the photo search engine.

This navigation allows you to narrow a search to individual sections. You can now find more targeted photos for your search terms – and exactly what you want to see.

fotocommunity has many other sections with interesting images as well for your search term. For this reason, we offer you additional sections, which also match the search term, taking the selected subsection into account.

Now you can also browse in other sections of fotocommunity and let yourself be inspired by your chosen search term.

The searchability of sections offers you the further possibility that your photos are even better found by other users. Because the deeper you upload your photos into subsections of fotocommunity, the higher the probability that your images will be found and viewed.

Each section displays all images from all subsections. If you load your image directly into a main category without selecting a subsection, the image can only be found in the first layer – the global view of the main section. But if a visitor jumps directly into a deeper subsection, he will never be able to see your photo.

However, regardless of any chosen section or subsection a mandatory requirement for your pictures to be found by keywords is, of course, a correct indexing.

Related to tagging photos I´ve added a short, helpful guideline some time ago.

Enjoy fotocommunity!

     Matthias Moritz