The new fotocommunity has arrived


We are incredibly proud to present the new fotocommunity to you today. Like we announced in the past weeks, we worked hard on making the fotocommunity easier, more modern, and more user-friendly. Now you can experience the result for yourself. And we’re sure that you’ll like it.

Why are we changing? What defines us? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the following film:

We connect people – in front of and behind the camera. That has been our mission for the past 15 years. And it will continue to be for the next 15 years.

With our new fotocommunity, we have now paved the way for the advancement of our community:

  • With our new search function, it is easier than ever to find awesome pictures and fascinating members.
  • Our new single-frame view gives great photos more room to display their full potential. At the same time, all relevant information regarding the picture is easily traceable.
  • Our photos are now displayed in a bigger format and give the viewer the opportunity to deal with the picture on a more intense level.
  • Several pictures can be uploaded and edited at the same time – as fast as never before.
  • The new profile integrates all information about the photographer/the member in a well-arranged manner.
  • I can now compliment interesting photos. I can follow exciting photographers and can keep up-to-date in this way.
  • I can control the new fotocommunity easily and comfortably from all devices – also from my tablet or smartphone.

But that is only the beginning. In the next months, we will develop the fotocommunity further and further. Like Chris has already explained, we will use the new fotocommunity as a starting point for a sophisticated, well-designed advancement. The result provides more individuality for you as a member while the usability will be simpler for all visitors.

The new fotocommunity – a structural restoration in several phases

Let’s compare the current situation with the renovation of a house. The old fotocommunity started 15 years ago as a small house and was expanded step by step by more and more annexes. Some annexes were already built in a more modern way and therefore already had underfloor heating, for example, while other parts of the house were still heated by a fireplace. Since they were constructed by different architects, all of the annexes also look different from each other. As a visitor to the house, I had a hard time finding my way around. If I had memorised the floor plan, I could get along. Otherwise, I could err through the winding corridors for a while. Little by little, the architecture of the house also did not correspond to modern standards anymore. A modernisation was in order.

We have now structurally restored the house. The base was completely replaced and refurbished with modern building equipment (picture system, search technology, etc.). The windows (pictures) are now bigger, the rooms structurally arranged and easily findable (navigation). All new areas of the house are accessible without barriers (all devices) and newly painted (new design).

However we have not torn down, but structurally restored. There are still annexes that could not yet be restored in the current construction phase (dates, models, home page, forum). Some of the old wires could also not yet be exchanged (news system). And a few of the extensions wished for by the inhabitants (f.ex. group function) have been postponed until coming construction phases. After all, the base first has to be modernised before additional corrections can be put into place.

We have designed the construction plans together with you. Your feedback on what the house should look like in the future was and is enormously important and has helped us a lot. Even in the first phase of construction (beta test), we were able to built in a lot of improvements because of your feedback. For this, we are very grateful to you.

Of course a renovation also means that as a resident of the house, I have to reorientate myself after moving in again. Some rooms or switches are now in a different place. They are in a better place, but I first have to get to know the new routes and locations. The new colour is beaming and seems unfamiliar in the first few days. And I have to get used to the bigger windows – but will soon learn to appreciate them. And then soon, I will feel at home again.

As architects, we have put a lot of thought into how the house should look and work – and how the move to the new fotocommunity can be configured as easily and comfortably as possible. On every page with a new design, guidelines will appear on your first visit, which will lead you through the new page and its functions. You can open these guidelines again at any time. Just click on the blue light bulb on the bottom left. Additionally, you’ll find a post on each new page type in our blog, which explains this page with pictures and videos.

Like on every long-planned construction project with a lot of subsections, we could build more and more on this forever. But we have divided the overall project into several construction phases in order not to deprive you of the new house for too long. This means: You can now move in and for us, the new phase of construction begins. The plan is ready, but as always, we’re happy to receive your feedback. And as usual, we will continue to always keep you up-to-date on planned advancements of our house, the fotocommunity.

Until then, we now hope you enjoy the shining new fotocommunity.

In the name of the entire, very proud, team


PS: at this point too, it is time to say thank you. To our developers and our product management, who have done a fantastic job. To our community managers, who stand by your side day and night to offer help and support. To our marketing team, who offer you amazing product tests together with our partners. To all our other helpers, who make it possible to advance the fotocommunity. And of course to you – for your loyalty and your commitment. Because we go all out for you day after day. And you reward us with your enthusiasm for the fotocommunity. It honours and motivates us immensely and we thank you so much for it.

Important: new image system for fotocommunity!

Dear members,

In this article we inform you about a change in our image system, which is completely new.

In preparation of the fotocommunity relaunch the new image system has been installed. This system is responsible for transferring and displaying the pictures on the website.

Specifically, this means:

Until the relaunch all thumbnails will be square-shaped automatically with a centered crop.

No individual choice will be offered until then, because this option will no longer be needed.

In the future all photos will be displayed in their original format only.

Soon you can experience the result of the changes of the renewed fotocommunity. We are very curious to see how you like the new overview of your search results!


Best Regards


Matthias Moritz

Like to try out the new fotocommunity?


In the last two years we have invested a lot of time and efforts in the infrastructure of our community and prepared significant advancements in the background. This work is now completed. At the same time we were able to work intensively on the design and the usability of our fotocommunity. We are very excited to introduce you to the improved fotocommunity within the next few weeks! Continue reading

New: fotohome is out – “photo portfolio” is in!

This week fotocommunity offers a new feature: the photo portfolio for every member. It works like a photo website and you may choose among several templates to create your personal photo portfolio presenting your best photos.

Your portfolio is optimized for internet search engines. You can reach more visitors interested in your photos.

Your portfolio is ready for social media. Insert “like” or “Share”-buttons to present your portfolio.


Just follow the procedure within the drop-down menu under your account name linking to “my portfolio” and within a few minutes your selected albums are ready to shine! Send the link of your portfolio to your friends!

Kind Regards

Matthias Moritz

Team fotocommunity


We ❤ comic heroes – Fanart by fotocommunity photographers

Do you remember your first comic book? In this article we would like to show you some great Marvel and DC fanart we found at!
What is your favourite character in these universes? Tell us in the comments!



IRON MAN by Werner Burgstaller

IRON MAN by Werner Burgstaller making of @

Iron Man by GoRo112

Iron Man by GoRo112


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