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1st Place
"Dein bestes Foto 2017"

Henry Eicken

1st Place
"Die schönste Region Deutschlands"

Klaus Heuermann

8. Place
"Mein Sport-Moment"

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What do you mean? How can my photo be improved? I've had particular challenges around lighting :(

Appreciate Reply

The image composition is incredible! Due to the lighting, try [...]

Keep up the good work, I really like it!

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I joined fotocommunity because it's a great source of inspiration! I like the straightforward instructions on the page, as well as the constructive criticism.

Fotocommunity is a giant network of like-minded people who can engage in constructive debate and inspire one another.

My fotocommunity membership has helped me to reach lots of new and interesting contacts from the world of photography.

I'm attracted by the ability to reach so many photography enthusiasts, show them my work, and invite their comments.

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