All beginnings are difficult, same in photography. This forum provides the opportunity for beginners to get help from experienced amateurs and professionals. Hang in there! There are no stupid questions - each of us started at the very beginning.
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Some help with some pictures for a project of LOVE

11.02.19, 09:07
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Some help with settings for Macro Photography

14.07.18, 14:27
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Anila Jain

19 ways to become a hated photographer

Human beings seem to think that we are gonna take their photograph, positioned it in an ad, and make a gazillion greenbacks off of it, and they won't get a say inside the count, an awful lot much less a reduction of the $. Oh, if only that were proper. This isn't always certainly paranoia, as photogs and editors used to be plenty much less careful about releases. Nowadays no editor worth the pay will receive a photograph without a replica of the discharge, no matter what the use (besides news.) information is specifically exempted with the aid of case law within us - any individual sued and lost, but in Canada, a launch is required for the newspaper. I do not know about European law. Well-known human beings are exempt from the release regulation, however, regular people are not.
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Digital versus Film

04.09.17, 11:09
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