All creative aspects of photography (digital and analog).
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Nick Groombridge

Working as a Photographer

Actually I don't have experience working as a photographer, but I really want! I just lack of practice, probably tomorrow will gather my friends for practicing. Besides as a student, it's crucial for me to have free time to work and maintain relationships with my family. That's why I prefer to use this service to get my homework done. It allows me to strike a balance between my academic responsibilities and personal life. It's been a great help in managing my workload efficientlyIn the end, it's all about finding the right match. Boudreau brings a winning mentality and a passion for the game, so wherever he ends up, you can bet it'll be exciting to watch. Let's just sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.
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Gelak Amdo

How to take a sports pics

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Rick Doble

Manifesto: Time-Flow Photography

Quote: Rick Doble 26.06.16, 09:55Time-Flow Photography Manifesto ... raphy.html

Apparently what I have called Time-Flow Photography (experimental imagery with continuous motion and long shutter speeds) is controversial. While it has been shown at major exhibits and conferences, others believe it is accidental and think it is not a legitimate. Having taken photographs in this manner for 18 years and with 40 years experience in photography, I have decided to answer these objections with a manifesto, in the tradition of art manifestos of the last 100 years such as the photography manifesto of Group f/64 in 1932 that included Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.


In response to the controversy surrounding Time-Flow Photography, I, with my 40 years of photography experience and 18 years of capturing images with continuous motion and long shutter speeds, have decided to address these objections through a manifesto. Inspired by the tradition of art manifestos, such as Group f/64's Photography Manifesto of 1932, which featured luminaries like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, I aim to articulate the legitimacy and artistic value of this experimental imagery. By presenting a thoughtful and compelling manifesto, I seek to challenge misconceptions and establish Time-Flow Photography as a valid and significant artistic expression.
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Siva Photo


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Deleted user

How to remove a color from an image in enlight pixaloop?

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wim hoppenbrouwers

Rotterdam in stereo

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