All creative aspects of photography (digital and analog).
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Nathalie Schon

Pictures of Hawai'i

If you plan to go to Hawai'i, there's more to take pictures of than the beaches, flowers and the volcano. You can get around with the bus and you might just as well take pictures of it: ... ala-moana/

Honolulu is a great place! Don't forget to visit it thouroughly.
The harbor :
and :

The Chinese influence :

Visit locations of the series "Lost" and see sharks in the Honolulu harbor!:

See weird churches and temples on Oahu!:

And of course: Waikiki Land and its beaches! :
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Expressions – Tumbhi Online Photography Contest

Tumbhi announces Expressions – Photography Contest 2011 for all those shutterbugs who are crazy about capturing the precious moments. All you need to do is send us original and creative pictures of the places, people, animals, buildings and what so ever you have click through your camera. Just make sure that the photo falls under one of the themes: Nature, Travel, Portrait, Festival and Heritage.

Winner Selection:

Winners will be selected in two categories: Best Photo (Viewer’s Choice) and Best Photo (Critic’s Choice)

The winner for ‘Best Photo (Viewer’s Choice)’ category will be chosen based on votes and views. Winner for ‘Best Photo (Critic’s Choice)’will be chosen by our panel of judges.

The winner of Best Photo (User’s Choice) will get a Nikon Camera and Best Photo (Critic’s Choice) winner gets a Blackberry Smartphone.

Eligibility: This contest is open worldwide. Anyone, professional or amateur photographers, regardless of gender and age can enter the contest

Enter the contest at ... hy-contest
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getting creative with old lenses

hey there!

I kind of forgot about this forum, but a recent purchase both gave rise to increased interest in photography and a desire to share my experiences.

I got the inspiration from and bought an old russian Zenit 3M. I drilled a hole in a camera house cap and used some sealant to attach the Zenit's Helios-44 58mm f/2.0. The result was amazing, I absolutely love the lens in every way. I have to use fully manual controls without auto focus, which adds to the feel of every photo being a creation by me. The total price came down to $36 (€25), and you can find some of the results in my photo blog, for example:

I thought this could be a thread where we share similar experiences and help each other out.
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