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Open Eye

Some of our members about us:

  • Hammermännchen

    I came to fotocommunity because I find inspiration here! Among other things, I like the great representation of the pictures, how uncomplicated it is to use the whole site, the often constructive reviews.

  • Stefan Beutler
    Stefan Beutler

    I've been in the fc for a good 12 years, and it's helped me so much with networking and improving myself. This is still the case today. Fotocommunity is an enormous network of like-minded people who can have constructive conversations and draw inspiration from each other.

  • Sascha Hüttenhain
    Sascha Hüttenhain

    I've made a lot of new and interesting contacts from the photography scene through my membership in the fc. The different styles and approaches of every single photographer have shown me many possibilities for how it can be done and implemented, and supported me on my way to becoming independent.

  • Kerstin Stolzenburg
    Kerstin Stolzenburg

    The biggest advantage for me is the opportunity to communicate in-depth with other photographers. Fotocommunity doesn't just let me show off my pictures, it also gives me a place to discuss their substance with friends and interested viewers. This feature is much less pronounced on other photo sites and if you leave your own good, honest comments under pictures, then you'll get good feedback too.

  • Doris K
    Doris K

    I've been part of fotocommunity for 15 years and learned so much and made true friends during this time whom I never would have met otherwise. Our group of fotocommunity regulars has been meeting consistently for years to swap ideas and revel in photography.

  • Hans-Peter Möller
    Hans-Peter Möller

    The chance to show my pictures to and receive comments from a large number of photo enthusiasts is exciting for me. I get motivated by the many photos in the photo community. But I can also give other members tips in the form of comments. I've already learned a lot.

  • Hanne L.
    Hanne L.

    In fotocommunity, I find friends for group photo tours. I have my pick of other members who enjoy similar themes, and can even become active worldwide. Everything is optional and there's no obligation to be active on a regular basis, because it's meant to be fun!

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  • Matthias

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