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File saving in the future, PSD or TIFF?

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Editing program

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se lo dovessi fare io .. chiamerei un buon piastrellista
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Accusation in pornography.

Thank you for your reply, Ruud van der Lubben, it was very interesting try to understand your point of view.
I want to say that the policy of the site to download nude for money is actually will destroy your site in the future and
you are doing this yourself...
Society developing and nude everywhere is free.

You are still talking about pornography.
You are deceiving yourself.
It is not so.All standards are strictly observed.Finally, maybe hide behind the apple.
Discussion on the forum helps you are and me to understand what is the point of view have this society and where you are working.

With respect Tsurikov Iliya.

What are you feeling when see this? ... y/19127691 ... y/19079384

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