Accusation in pornography.

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I would like to know:
Who sent me this letter? The NAME,please!!!
Who identified my photo like a pornography?
The NAME,please!!!
By European standards breasts is not pornography...
This is a very serious allegation and I would like to get a competent response.
Why it was done without explanation and the reason...?

Deleted photo on another resource:

Tsurikov Iliya

This original letter:

Hello Likgallery!

A photo of yours was moved to your transit folder. You can
find it in your MYPICS-area at fotohome -> foldersetup. The
photo is invisible at the moment for all other users. Your
upload limit is not affected by this.

Your upload has offended our guidelines in protecting
youth. Please keep in mind that no pornographical photos
can be uploaded at fotocommunity. Photos showing sexual
actions, provoke sexual longing or photos showing naked
bodies without context to other life aspects or taking
thought content as a pure pretext for provoking sexuality
is not allowed. Thank you for your understanding and
cooperation in consequent attention for the protection of

Channel : Subjects
Section : Model introduction
Name of Photo : With apple

To Photos :
To Section:

If you are uncertain don't hesitate to contact us per

Enjoy the fotocommunity!
Ruud van der Lubben Ruud van der Lubben   Post 2 of 3
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1st off all, any cases having to do with admin matters are NOT supposed to be discussed in any of the forums, if you have any question with regards to the removal of a picture you can do so trough a message to support.

Actually I was the admin who removed the picture, for the very simple reason that it is against our regulations to upload any form of nude photography into an open channel.

The nude channel is at Fotocommunity the ONLY place where one is allowed to upload nude photography.

Fotocommunity is an international site, also being watched in other countries where the ideas about nude photography differ from our standards.
The message you receive did not say your picture was pornographic, it only mentioned pornography as one of the reasons why pictures in general can be removed.

Please read our terms of use.

Ruud van der Lubben
Admin Team
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Thank you for your reply, Ruud van der Lubben, it was very interesting try to understand your point of view.
I want to say that the policy of the site to download nude for money is actually will destroy your site in the future and
you are doing this yourself...
Society developing and nude everywhere is free.

You are still talking about pornography.
You are deceiving yourself.
It is not so.All standards are strictly observed.Finally, maybe hide behind the apple.
Discussion on the forum helps you are and me to understand what is the point of view have this society and where you are working.

With respect Tsurikov Iliya.

What are you feeling when see this? ... y/19127691 ... y/19079384

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