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Petrus Paul

Amazing retoucher

Really amazing retouch. They have used a number of Photoshop tools to retouch each image. As for example, the third image from the left,I think the following steps are applied:
1.used pen tool to create path around the portion of the hair to extract it from an external image, selected the path(ctrl+click)and pasted it on the model.
2. Used Healing brush tool to blend the skin color of the forehead. Filter->Blur->smart Blur used, may be.Filter->Noise->add noise to create the skin texture

For eyes:

Used clone stamp tool to close the eyes. The eye lash is extracted from the external image and pasted on the image.

regards, ... _path.html

Petrus Paul wrote:

Quote:Does anyone know how to achieve the realistic effects similar
to the one

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Carol Anderson

Canon to Corel PSP

Since I am the first responder in over 3 months either no one knows or no one has seen your post (this section in the forums is not looked at as much as say the Digital Photography section).

There could be any number of issues contributing to this and all of them are most likely to do with your computer set up. I have the Canon software and Corel Photo XI as well and mine open up everything, both JPG and CR2 (Raw).

Best advice I can give is to uninstall both pieces of software and then reinstall them making sure you also update both sets to the latest patches and versions based on your operating system (if it's a PC be wary of Windows XP vs Vista versions).

For Canon you can go here to get the latest: ... rtIndexAct

For Corel Photo XI use the "Help" "Check for updates" feature (buy the way mine is 11.20)
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