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how to convert tiff files to jpg?

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Hedi de Zilva

Travel Zoom

I had a chance to work with this lens few days ago. So, I would like to share my experience and recommendation about who this lens is for, the good and the things to be careful. 
I think, the ideal user for this lens will be an amateur or enthusiast. This lenses is best for him who want travels but would not like to carry more than one or two lenses. This lens is great for landscape photography. By simply zoom out to 18mm you can have a pretty landscape out of the corner of your eye. But the things I found not so good and quite touch tricky is that twisting the lens in order to zoom in past 200 mm to get to the 400mm focal lengths. The twisting motion is not smooth enough and you need to jerk the lens a bit when zooming in from 200mm to 400mm.
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Undoubtedly, Virtual Staging is the best solution for selling empty house. It not only makes the room furnished beautifully but also costs very little comparing to physical staging. However, Virtual staging also makes many people stop their real estate career because of:

Getting involved into lawsuit: It could be considered a deception around how it’s used. Customers can feel like they are being cheated as they look at empty rooms, not the beautifully-staged ones they saw online.

Losing reputation: Your reputation will be ruined once clients misunderstand your message on virtual staging. They may tell the others that you are cheating, using fake images to sell home, bla bla….

Creating bad impression on customers: This happens when you use bad virtual staging services. The furniture is placed clumsily and unnaturally. The room looks totally fake. As a result, savvy customers will not give your listing a second look.


✅ Avoiding misrepresentation by making it clear that the homes are virtually staged. Any photos that are digitally altered should be clearly labeled to show that they are possibilities for the property.

✅ Using a professional virtual staging service to create life-like appearance for your empty rooms, which makes your listing photos more natural and appealing.

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