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We should be aware of a couple of concepts.
A 35 mm lens for the Nikon 3100 requires a silent wave motor build into the lens in order for the camera to autofocus, hence the -s. Although the D90 was a short lived product, it was actually a great concept since the camera could focus either a lens with a silent wave motor, or use the motor build into the camera. It provided for the greatest set of existing lenses on the market.

What is a 35 mm lens?
A 35 mm lens designed for the D3100 is actually a 50 mm focal length equivalent lens. The camera does not use a full frame sensor. It is a little bit confusing, because the D40, D90, D3100, none of them are full frame cameras. By full frame I imply the 35 mm film equivalent. Therefore a 35 mm focal length is equivalent to 50 mm, which is also equivalent to human vision (what a person sees). This is why a 35 mm lens is preferable. It is a bit confusing because most literature refers to 50 mm, not clearly referencing full frame or 35 mm film.

A short time ago, full frame sensors had 12 Mega pixels, and they cost a lot of money. The problem is that the resolution decreased because the pixels had to be spread over a larger sensor surface area. No real benefit in that.
It is the person that takes great pictures, not the camera!
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