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Image color Blen under "cold colours"

02.04.18, 12:02
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As I am new here, I will say a little about myself before delving into this topic. I have been taking photographs since I was a little girl. then people actually started wanted to see more, so i bought a fancy Samsung smart were getting more and more attention, i then realised the same photos i took with my phone and camera were pretty much the same. I actually started having people ask me to sell my images. So onto my topic, I am looking for a platform to sell my images (note this isn't a forum to sell my images hence no contact information, i would like advice from others that are not friends or family). I would like a site where the site itself actually care about its users like a forum and not a really corporate one? does anyone have any suggestions or help they can offer?
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nice post
22.12.17, 13:04
nice post
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