3D analog camera (WT 102 MULTI-DIMENSION CAMERA)

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Morg Morg Post 1 of 2
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Hello everybody!
I just find out about this forum, and it's first that i write you. I am not shore is it a right topic to write, but i will try my best to not spam you at all.
I am from Macedonia, and my father used to be professional fotographer, and one of the biggest names of his time here. He teach me a lot about this, but i started to work something completley diferent in my life, and i never developed strong passion about this art.
Lucaly he left me a lot of proffesional equipment, and now just for my soul, i use the equipment sometimes to make few "peaces". I can't compare my self to him or other colegues.

Beside everything else i still have one peace of equipment which i never figured out what to do with it.
It's a 3D camera. Or as it writend on the camera WT102 Multi-Dimension Camera.
I google it on the internet about this unicue analog camera, but coudn't find much.
I have picktures from her, which i can post it here if somebody want to see that huge analog "mascine" : ))
Perhaps some of you know little bit more about this model.
I chek out the camera, it's working, and it's in top condition. It was rare used as far i remeber.
It's designer to makes those funnie looking 3D images which was often seen in the shopping malls back in the 60-ties and 70-ties. You know...pin up girls advertise toothpaste and other things.
Unfortunatley i don't have "film" i mean plates for this thing, and even if i have i don't know the procedure how will i get the end result (pickture) do i have to develop the "film" somehow or what???
Any help would be appresciated. Thanks
benvine benvine Post 2 of 2
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Dear Morg, I guess it's been a looooong time since you posted this but I'm looking for information about the WT102 Multi-Dimension Camera. Do you still have it?
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