Artificial Intelligence - what about photography?

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Matthias Moritz Matthias Moritz   Post 1 of 7
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Science and technology have made a giant step forward: more and more programs are supported by Artificial Intelligence, which means, by independent learning computers are improving in finding solutions for problems (tasks) without being programmed for such cases.
Today even artwork is possible to be created by AI.

So, in which way AI will influence photography? Where are advantages, were the drawbacks?

My personal opinion:

- yes, photos may be created by AI and it will be difficult for viewers to distinguish from real photos
- no, AI will not destroy photography itself, its always in a process of renewal
- yes, photo editing will be supported in a new workflow with astounding results
- AI will revolutionize camera software and raise quality to a higher level without many adjustments

What is your opinion about the connection of photography and Artificial Intelligence?
I would like to read your statement here!
Ken Piros Ken Piros   Post 2 of 7
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Recently read an article from Kirk Tuck regarding Photoshop and AI. ... -with.html

I think we will have a group of photographers that will always want to go out and create the image in the camera with very little changes being made in Photoshop and then another group that will want to use all the embellishments AI will have to offer.

How much will be considered photography as opposed to Digital Art will be an individual choice and subject to much debate.

Most photo's are enhanced to a degree, crop, color conversion, etc, it comes down to what the individual can self rationalize as acceptable.

I am in the photography purist camp. But if you enjoy enhancing your images with AI then have at it and enjoy.
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Mark Billiau. Mark Billiau.   Post 3 of 7
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I think everyone agrees that you cannot really call a poem or a book that is completely written by AI as pure literature.
Similarly, an image made by AI is also not photography.

If someone enjoys sitting at a computer for hours to make something with AI, no problem for me, but personally I stay far away from it. Moreover, the AI images that I have seen so far are mostly very unnatural, not to say bad with a high kitsch level.
Dinu Filipescu Dinu Filipescu   Post 4 of 7
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AI and Photography

AI has become a reality that we cannot deny. It is present in areas of our existence we haven`t even thought of a few years ago. Psychology, neurology and neuroscience, mathematics and logic, communication science, philosophy, and linguistics are mostly taking advantage of AI. It is not to be overseen in the future. It might bring huge gains to humanity.
What about photography? The etymology of the word “drawing with light” is still valid, no matter if we use an analog device or a digital camera. The definitions we find in dictionaries today describe photography as a process or art of producing visible images by using a camera.
A kind of a magic box, like my first camera, which became in a short time another ego of me and helped me to look at times at the reality that surrounded me a bit differently as usual. As if my perception wanted to ignore the routine of what my eyes, what, I was seeing every day. It was the moment I could otherwise forget in a few seconds, but remained immortalized on a piece of paper and became with time a meaningful part of myself. Alternatively, of the world around me.
I cannot imagine taking photos without a camera. Both the instrument and the carrier might have developed a lot in the short history of Photography, but they had been never replaced. Photography means always a camera, a source of light, and something where I could see the magic accomplished. Like the photos of your kids which you have always in your wallet to show them your mates. It could be an album, a book, a poster, a mobile screen, etc. At long last, your personal story.
Until a few days ago when I made the acquaintance of KI. That is the realm of AI that has invaded the realm of the C. Bresson, Ansel Adams and Mc Curry. Moreover, of millions of other enthusiastic photographs and would-be photographers. It makes the creativity, sensitivity, the poetry of the artisans and masters to a piece of cake. You get it served on a golden plate of some internet platforms. You don`t need a camera anymore. You do have not to reach the limits of your magic box anymore or to max out the capabilities of your photo processing programs. Just write in a few words what you want to have and you have it in a few seconds. It`s magic. I wrote: a man who hangs himself ……..and there it was after a few seconds. So truthful that I got chills. Of course, you still have to play a little with your processing program, but that is really a cinch and it gives you at the same time the feeling you have accomplished the creativity of the real Master. We, humans, have the tendency to lie to ourselves so easily! I wonder if the AI has already found it out.
A few years ago, one of the greatest auction houses in the world sold at a horrendous price a portrait of a celebrity created by artificial intelligence. Thousands of works of art delivered the data for the portrait, which was the product of a device created for such goals.
Is it a work of art? Does the price make it to a worthy painter or photographer?
Museums around the world endeavored for centuries to expose works of art and to research painfully the authenticity of each piece of art displayed. The visitors came to see the work of Rembrandt, the art of the Renaissance, the hidden world of a painter or photograph at a given time. It was not the price that made these works valuable. It was the talent of the artists, the curiosity of the visitors and the work of those who made it possible.

I asked myself: where lies the truth? Does such a computer-created alternative reality belong in the world of art?
It is up to you to find the answer.
Matthias Moritz Matthias Moritz   Post 5 of 7
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Dear Dinu,

thanks for your awesome and so detailed feedback! I am very excited to read your opinion!

Hello Mark,

I love your excellent nature photographs! No AI needed, every viewer can see the talent you have, in your work!


I agree to the fact that AI can help to improve photos as PS does right now, may be a bit better. I would check it out and probably use AI as a tool to a certain degree.
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Ken Piros Ken Piros   Post 6 of 7
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Here is an interesting podcast from Frames Magazine regarding AI and Photography coexisting.
You may find it interesting.

Boris Eldagsen (Berlin-based photo & video artist who won and refused the Sony World Photography Award, after revealing himself that his winning image "The Electrician" was AI-generated) and Shane Balkowitsch (American wet plate photographer from Bismarck, North Dakota, who worries about AI-generated "photos" posing a threat to mankind's documentation of history. ... 115951540/
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hejaca4984 hejaca4984 Post 7 of 7
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Hello! I think it's not so possible, but AI really helps
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