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tempus fugile.... carpe diem noctemque!
critical faculty is a BITCH - and hard labor!

After finding no qualified candidates for the divine position of "FC Rookie Photographer", the board is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Remsi Remsen to the post.

Digest of Remsens Boilerplates:

O man is a god when he dreams, and a beggar when he thinks... (hoelderlin, hyperion)

Broccoli is the Seed of Satan (Animania)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (saying)

If the heart is empty, brains doesn´t matter... (from Jerry McGuire)

I'll moider da bum. (Tony Galento, heavyweight boxer, when asked what he thought of William Shakespeare)

"Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours." (Napoleon)

Who the fuck is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats. (Howard Aiken)

i think turtles would be much faster if they knew, that their air drag coefficient is 0,3...

Dont be superstitious, or you will be ill-fated!!!

"Honestly, who thinks up these things?" Grandmother asked. "Peckerheads" said Hester, who was forever expanding her vocabulary.
(A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving)

Interim End of Remsens Boilerplates.

Comments 11

  • Dennis Veldman 15/12/2005 19:04

    deleted comment per request. cheers
  • Ludwig Geerman 26/10/2005 20:56

    Thank you for commenting on my illustration. The font is part of the logodesign of the nightclub. And its drawn by hand. I used Illustrator and that was the result.

  • Filip Wieme 18/07/2005 11:47

    Copied your texts to my desktop! Now going to take a look at your pics. Cheers. FW.
  • Derya Cevik 04/06/2005 7:35

    thanks your comment om'me'
  • John Bennett 09/05/2005 22:31

    I agee with your comments about "leaking plasma" I will put it to rights. Thank you Remsi
  • Claudia Robinson Cnell 05/05/2005 14:55

    thank you very much for your exteremely helpful critique on my eggs. much appreciated. i like you work very much.
  • PacO MartiN 27/10/2004 14:53

    Thanks for your comment about my picture. And I agree with you. It is so small. I will make it biger the next time.

    I have seen your work, I like very much the idea of "dreams"

    Regards from Madrid
  • Jozef Elias Wolak 17/10/2004 10:00

    Dear Remsi,
    You are right. In the past, some of my pictures were rather small, especially "Goddess Incarnate" due to pure technical reasons: lacking too many megapixels.....Since I am working with an olympus
    C-300 nowadays, I promise improvement :-)
    Wir basteln mit die Mittel die wir haben, gell?
    jozef wolak
  • Deborah Hangartner 22/09/2004 11:10

    R.R., you are one interesting person! (By Canadian standards, to be sure!)
  • Klaus Oppermann 31/08/2004 18:59

    Willkommen in der FC!!!
    Ich danke dir für deine Grüße und schicke dir ein herzliches "Moin-Moin" nach Berlin!!!
    OPPI :-)
  • Olaf H.... 31/08/2004 13:33

    Hi Remsi
    welcome to Enjoy your time here.
    We are looking forward to your photography
    Best regards
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