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In a portrait, being a psychic counsellor and healer,
I try to grasp and express an aspect of the beauty
of my subject's soul..

In a work like "Meditation" it is more about expressing my perception of the energetic and vibrational reality.

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  • Serdar Camlica 14/07/2007 17:46

    thanks for your kind comment... i would like to show my new artwork

    serdar camlica © 1998-2007
  • Marcello Gambetti 24/09/2005 17:08

    Hi Josef,
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    I love "work like meditation" idea. Great photos of kids!
  • °°° celle °°° 18/09/2005 22:06

    thanks alot jozef for comment on my pic "stylee tree"
    why u stoped ur coloured pictures...they realy impressfull?!?!?!

    best wishes to you
  • Maxim Van den Bossche 10/09/2005 22:58

    hello jozef

    you have a very itneresting eye; the photosgraphs arent easily accesible, its what makes them interesting in my view.
    if you would add somethingt to the description of certain photos it would help me alot understand and learn.

    thanks for the nice imagessss:)

  • When 10/09/2005 16:56

    Welcome to FC. We have a lot of fun here. Start enjoying yourself and meeting people. WIll be looking forward to what you have to show us. Like your view of photography.
  • steffen s... 10/12/2004 10:20

    thank you .....for comments
    just buddied .... - ciao
  • Sona Sandalian 26/11/2004 21:23

    Thanks again!
  • Sona Sandalian 24/11/2004 1:06

    Thank you very much Sona
  • PacO MartiN 11/11/2004 14:36

    Thanks for you comment about my picture. I have seen your work. I think that it is very interesting.
    Regards from Madrid
  • Snjezana Josipovic 08/11/2004 19:51

    Jozef thank you for your comment in to my profile...I'm really glad you like my photos..and I would like to see more of yours...your photos with kids are great :-))


  • FERRY TENTUA 31/10/2004 7:59

    *** Hallo Jozef,
    Bedankt voor je commentaar op mijn foto, de foto's van het kind met de duif vind ik ook erg mooi, zit nog niet zo lang op deze website maar hoop toch veel van te kunnen opsteken, als ik zo naar die andere foto's kijkt op deze site, dan heb ik heel wat leren, maarja oefening baart kunst!
    En wat die andere foto's betrefd...aparte manier van foto-bewerking:-)
    * a new day has born *
    * a new day has born *

    Groetjes: Ferry
  • Victoria Payne 31/10/2004 1:40

    Thank you again. With gratetude Victoria
  • Victoria Payne 30/10/2004 13:40

    Thank you very much for you help and for your kindness.. I am very appreciate this... I like your self-portrairt in autumn colour.. With gratetude Victoria
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 29/10/2004 21:34

    Thank you for the very intimate comment in my profile.
    The lyrics you wrote are not familiar to me, but Im going to check out the song to it.
    Sometimes I recognise the music first.
    Glad to see that you'll be here for a while.
    take care
  • Sona Sandalian 27/10/2004 17:04

    Thanks for you comment. I think your photographs are exquisite. Do you do layers in photoshop?
    That's what I do to get that soft quality.
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