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About me was established in 1998 by Serdar Camlica, to bring together digital art, video art and music pieces, and art lovers on the Internet world. With more than 500 unique visitors daily, this communication on cyberspace has reached millons of people up to now. 3dfiction, by owning it's own aesthetic and design theories in the genre of Gothic to Psychedelic, Surreal to Experimental, creates its style with the combinations of shadow and light that give the opportunity to its followers to use their imagination. 3dfiction artworks are created in digital space but has psychological, social, cultural, natural and imaginative expressions. At this point, the best advantage of digital space for the artist and art lovers is that it is independent from cultural and geographic boundaries. Although 3dfiction artworks, designs and digital codes are created by Serdar Camlica, 3dfiction means much more than the portfolio of an artist and stands alone as the interaction between art lovers and the artist, independent from an individual.

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  • Laura Destro 15/07/2007 21:54

    Oh yes, fantastic work and excellent composition ...
    Good day my friend :)

    I am enchanted from your site.
  • Sandra Sarti 15/07/2007 16:07

    Hello Serdar,

    Thanks very much, you're very gentle. I've visited your site - your images are fantastics.
    All the best. Sandra.

  • Jozef Elias Wolak 14/07/2007 18:02

    Very good work !!!
    Your music must be harmonious as well, I presume...
    Abstract affinity is a master peace. Congratulations.
    Jozef Emmanuel
  • Inez Correia Marques 08/08/2006 22:17

    Hello Serdar:
    Great visiting you!
  • Antje V. 21/01/2006 1:33

    Hi Serdar,
    I've just been visiting your outstanding homepage.....
    you have every right to call yourself an artist - fantastic pictures ! I took a deep breath out of the reality ! :-)
    All the best
  • Katharina Zima 22/06/2005 8:08

    super picture treatment radix complement of greetings

  • Dmitri Tioutin 09/02/2005 11:07

    Remarkable works. They very interesting and fantastic.!
  • Hudson Valley 24/11/2004 19:17


    Just dicovering your work. I love the Dali is dead.
  • Jozef Elias Wolak 30/10/2004 17:52

    Very interesting work !
  • Charito Gil 28/10/2004 21:07

    hallo !!
    deine "paar" bilder mag ich
    hoffe sehe mehr davon
    .. ch
  • Anida K 26/10/2004 12:44

    Hello Serdar
    Finally you are here, welcome and have fun at fotocommunity :))

    greets Anida
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