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Born in Cairo, Egypt
Now lives in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.
Works as an artist and photographer.
Art works are: assemblages, collages, Combinations of acrylic, encaustic, digital images and objects, Digital creations, etc...

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  • Bannerman 11/05/2005 14:47

    I can see your artistic talent in your photos.

    Congrats. Mike.
  • David Mach 04/05/2005 17:04

    thanks for the postive comment on nyc!
  • Edwin Dresse 12/11/2004 11:44

    hi sona,
    very interesting pictures you show us here. Looks very difficult to realize. However, you manage it. I'm looking forward to see more.
    Kisses from Belgium
  • Jozef Elias Wolak 27/10/2004 18:53

    Dear Sona,
    Yes I like your work. Your Doghito series: very nice indeed. It will not be a surprise to you that I feel most in tune with La maya Naranja. I do not work with layers yet, just incidently, out of a lack of time. Will come soon though. Copper pots is a nice peace of work too.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you...
  • Falk 24/10/2004 21:36

    wilkommen in der fc
    grüsse f.

  • Francesco Monaco 22/10/2004 15:09

    You six much good one have Mexico in the spirit
  • M. Radi 18/10/2004 21:04

    Thanks for comment for one of my pics. But your Pictures are great, I love them.


  • Jens-Chr Strandos 27/09/2004 20:10

    Thank you very much for your comment on my photo.
    I have looked at your pictures and found it very interesting. Keep up the good work, nice pictures!
    Regards Jens-Chr.
  • Siegfried Koegler 21/09/2004 10:30

    Schön, so nah mit der weiten Welt Dank FC zu sein.
  • faces of mars 06/09/2004 21:54

    Hola Sona,

    gracias. And if you ever come to Mexico City, tell me. :)


  • Sona Sandalian 06/09/2004 20:50

    Thanks Patrick. I also like your photos. If you ever come to S Miguel de Allende come and visit.
    My website is:
  • faces of mars 06/09/2004 19:27

    Hola Sona,

    nice to find another one who is living now in Mexico. ;) I really like your pictures and put you on my buddy-list. Okay, hope to see then more with the time.

    Take care

  • Dirk Hofmann 31/08/2004 4:10

    hi sona ... :-)

    welcome to ... oh ... andreas was faster ... :-)

    i'd like to see more of that interesting works ... carry on to post them ... :-)

    hope you'll find the same things in fotocommunity that i found: nice people, things to learn and different points of view of photography ...

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