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I don't know why I do/make art. I'm trying to figure what makes me do it. If you know why you do, please tell me... I think it's just cause I can.

As for equipment, my good old 35mm and my sassy new digital camera have fist fights daily to decide who I take out.

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  • Diana Davidson 06/12/2005 20:42

    Hi Dave,
    no, not the same Diana. It is odd when someone shares the same name as you... well to me it anyway. (It seems every other guy I know is a Dave, and there are even some girls named Davie/ Davis...) Maybe you'll get lucky and bump into her! Best of luck and thanks for looking at my photos!
  • When 19/09/2005 7:23

    Just raise a glass to Cindy Sherman, that's all David - and pass it on.
  • When 17/09/2005 5:17

    I've been waiting to see you around FC, to hear your views. Make more art just because you can.
  • Esti Eini 08/08/2005 12:35

    Hello David,
    I find your work very ceative and interesting.
  • Robert L. Roux 28/06/2005 7:34

    Arigato domo, David san - your pics are great !!

    Decades ago... I studied Karate - the marshal art of self defense - and (many of) my Senseis (instructors) were from Japan.

    Throughout the following years I've met Japanese people - friends - and I love learning languages.

    Communication is an art-form like photography.

    Greetings from northern Canada - R
  • Alison Visona 18/05/2005 5:57

    Interesting style...I like it!
  • Benjamin. 06/05/2005 15:05

    Hi David,

    thanks for the nice comment in my profile :)

  • Michael Zelbel 06/05/2005 11:46

    Hi David,
    you started over here with really great and interesting photos. Thanks for joining our community. I envy you for being in Asia :-)
    Cheers, Michael
    Michael Zelbel
  • Wilhelm Harlander 04/05/2005 17:27

    Servus David,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

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