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Inspired by portraiture, dance, nudes & vintage style.

I free lance as a wedding and event photographer, and my daily work involves digital editing and photo restoration.

My equipment: Nikon N-80, Nikon D-70, old twin reflex, and Speedotron lights. Soon, I'd like to invest in a medium format.....any recommendations,mail me, please!

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  • Sahin S. 27/01/2006 22:59

    Hi Alison
    Your Pİcs' colours wowww...i liked so..Congratulations...
  • Winter Laake 17/09/2005 6:15

    Never Depart
  • Winter Laake 15/09/2005 7:43

    Most adored! You have always held me captivated. Your work is impressive and didactic.
  • Hans Frechen 30/06/2005 12:15

    hallo alison,
    very interessant pictures,
    lg hans
  • John Bennett 22/06/2005 21:06

    Hello Alison, have'nt seen much of your work lately,and I do hope your ok and that you are well.
    Thanks for your comment on "Mystic Light"
    regards john
  • John Bennett 08/06/2005 22:17

    Hi Alison, thanks for your kind thoughts on "lily leaf".
    Hope you are well
    Regards John.
  • Wilhelm Harlander 08/06/2005 20:57

    Servus Alison,

    .....viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City *gg*

  • Robert L. Roux 22/05/2005 5:16

    Nice work, Alison !!
  • Elaine Lyness 21/05/2005 0:07

    alison thanks for your comment, and hey! thats a fantastic portrait of you, its really modern and exciting
  • John Bennett 18/05/2005 20:32

    Hi Ali, thank you for such lovely comments to "Sunset over Iona" though it doe's hide the fact I was feeling a bit sea sick at the time and desparately hanging onto the ships rail while taking this pic.I'm hoping to upload later, a shot taken as we are pulling into the isle of Mull after leaving Iona.
    Apparently Iona is where all the Kings of Scotland are buried and, so it is believed is Macbeth as well.
    I hope this note finds you well and happy.
    Regards John.
  • Mr. T. 18/05/2005 11:14

    tks alison... i'll do my best :)
  • John Moore 17/05/2005 16:17

    Greeting from the land Downunder, Australia.
    Alison, you have a great future that lies before you.
    There are many great photographers here at FC
    who would help answer many of the questions we face.
    Keep up the good work, best wishes for your future!!!
  • Blamonge 17/05/2005 7:50

    oz:-) - super profile shot
  • George Cayce 16/05/2005 18:29

    thanks for your comment!
  • David Mach 16/05/2005 16:24

    creative process
    creative process
    David Mach

    funny you described this work as "creepy" you aren't the first to say it... I am really curious... do you mean it is really intense or frightening? thanks for looking and your comments.
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