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27 September 2004.

Selamat Datang/Welcome/Accueil/Wilkommen

May I introduce myself, I live in Holland, mixed blood: Dutch/Indonesian...this is my first step to Fotocummunity...If you have any suggestion's about my photo's...please let me know;-)
There's more and much too learn...


" There is nothing in this world that does not have its decisive moment ".
.--Henri Cartier - Bresson--.

" The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it! ".
.--Edward Henry Weston--.

" You no have to be a good photographer to make beautiful pictures! ".

" FRIENDSHIP IS A GIFT ", A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift!

" Favorite DVD: Roger Waters / In the flesh-Live

Your comments are welcome in: Dutch/German/English...or just say Hello!


(09.10.2004) Thanks to Susanne Cermak-Kurka for supporting and giving advice for the picture of *Misty Morning*...Ich danke dir noch mals:-)

My equipment:
Canon EOS 7D,
Canon Battery Grip BG - E3.
Canon Lens EF - S18 - 55mm f/3.5 - 5.6.
Sigma Lens: 55 - 200 mm F4 - 5.6 DC.
Sigma Lens: 70 - 300 mm F4 - 5.6 DG OS
Sigma Lens: 50mm F2.8 DG MACRO.
Manfrotto tripod 055DB/141RC.

F A V O U R I T E P A G E :

Comments 41

  • Katja Merones 17/03/2006 7:48

    great pictures!!
    best regards katja
  • FERRY TENTUA 23/07/2005 9:07

    *** Merhaba Nilüfer,
    Really, I love your city, hope to visited again...very nice people:)
  • FERRY TENTUA 23/07/2005 9:02

    *** Merhaba Hande,
    Tesekkurler ederim...Thanks for your comment!
    Kind regards,
  • Hande E 13/07/2005 23:34

    Hi Ferry
    Thanks for your comment.. and i really love your photos very much!!!! in my opinion, professional !
    regards :)
  • FERRY TENTUA 07/02/2005 18:42

    *** Hi Jo,
    I am also glad to meet you, thanks for your comment...you make me very bashfully with your dear words:))

  • Hudson Valley 05/02/2005 0:44

    Hi Ferry..You are so full of love..it radiates!
    I am enjoying your pictures very much.
    Nice to meet you.
  • FERRY TENTUA 29/01/2005 17:54

    *** Hé hallo Jenny,
    Ik moest eerst nadenken wie je was, maar ben erachter gekomen dat ik voor een tijdje terug iets onder je foto hebt geschreven, bedankt nog voor je mailtje, ben erg onder de indruk van je foto's die je gemaakt hebt...Ik wist niet dat je van oorsprong Nederlandse bent...zodoende, hoop ik nog veel mooie foto's van je te mogen zien...

    p.s Ik voeg je bij mijn buddy's, als je het niet erg vindt...
  • FERRY TENTUA 29/01/2005 17:47

    *** Hi Angel,
    The pleasure is mine, I will add you to my buddy-list!
    Thanks again for looking at my pictures:))
    Andrea B/W
    Andrea B/W
    Angel Pena

    Kind regards,
  • Jenny Jen 29/01/2005 13:01

    hoi ferry, bedankt voor jij opmerking onder mijn foto, ik heb in jij galerie ook wel mooie foto's gezien! ben in 2004 ses maanden in nederland geweest, en wilt nu verzoeken weer en beetje nederlands te schrijven, maar ik denk ik moet weer en beetje oefenen... zo en leuke taal! ;)
    groetjes jenny
  • Angel Pena 25/01/2005 0:47

    Hi Ferry. Thanks for looking ! Put me on your buddy list that I have a lot of cool uploads waiting in line... Thanks !
  • FERRY TENTUA 21/01/2005 17:15

    *** Hi Ana,
    Very kind of you to add me to your buddy-list, I will do the same...Take care!
  • Anastasya I. 20/01/2005 3:30

    Hi, Ferry:
    Thanks for your comment, it's great that you like it.
    I add you to buddies for seeing more of your good works afterwards!

  • FERRY TENTUA 06/01/2005 17:12

    *** Why Lord...Why???
    What would you do if there isn't a tomorrow...
  • FERRY TENTUA 31/12/2004 21:50

    *** Hi Gwen,
    Nicely again to hear something of you, I hope everything is Ok.
    Still waiting for your other pictures, its a pity...some pics are not sharp enough:(
    Wish you a Happy New Year, and hope to see you soon at the web!
  • Gwen Librodo 30/12/2004 2:04

    hi Ferry!
    greetings from the Philipines... :)
    hoping to see more of your pictures!
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