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  • Zdenek Baranek 21/12/2008 18:41

    Merry Chistmas
  • Zdenek Baranek 23/12/2007 17:08

    Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr 2008 wünscht Zdenek.
  • Sergio Pessolano 16/12/2005 8:56

    Hi Anastasya,
    Thank you very much for recommending my photo "Who is The Teacher?" for the Gallery. But it seems that some people don't like to see many photo by me in the Gallery... maybe there is lack of space in the Gallery???
  • Petra Sommerlad 08/07/2005 5:25

    Hey you are welcome!! I really liked you Carcassone pic. L GPetra
  • Alison Visona 22/03/2005 1:41

    Beautiful portrait!!!!!
  • Chris Giebl 17/03/2005 9:21

    Hi, thanks for ...
    Yes, wingviews are great, i always ask for them at the check-in before ;-)
    Greets from Frankfurt.
  • 209996 11/03/2005 21:34

    Priviet u tjabja oczen mnoga liudi papisalo ty toze choroschyje fotogafiu dielajesz czto ja magu skazat very krasiwyje !!!
  • Mojgan Soghraty 04/03/2005 16:46

    Hello my nice Irina!
    Welcome again!
    I am glad to see your profile again!
    Thanks for nice comment to me below the amazing photo of persimmones!
    You really encouraged me!
  • Mojgan Soghraty 04/03/2005 16:40

    Hello my nice Irina!
    Welcome again!
    I am glad to see your profile again dear!
    Thanks a lot for nice reply to me below your amazing persimmon picture.
    You really encouraged me!
  • Rachel A 21/02/2005 18:14

    Wow, I don't think it has ever gotten quite that cold here! The funny thing was, the day I took "Tidal Wave" it was 50-60 degrees! It just hadn't melted yet because it was early in the morning.
    Thanks for your comment! I'll be watching the new account :)
  • Jim Heidorn 14/02/2005 23:00

    Very nice pictures in you gallery. The Crape Myrtle in blossom is my favorite.

  • Ooo Ooo 13/02/2005 20:02

    Hello Nicola´......
    you have a good view for possible great pictures.......
    thank you for your comment about my pic
  • Tony AKa fototaker 13/02/2005 11:08

    thanks for your comment on my raindrops!!

    russia?? i'd love to photograph thar (but cant!!) i have a virtual daughter in dahestan!!!

    take care & be saFe!!
  • Ed Wallace 10/02/2005 12:21

    Hi Anastasy:
    'Cead Mile Failte' is Irish for "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes". Our most famous greeting. And yes the picture in my profile is from my own drawing work! Thank you for asking.
    Best wishes.
  • Ed Wallace 09/02/2005 21:01

    Thank you for your comments.... Your work is outstanding.
    A big 'Cead Mile Failte' from Ireland.
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