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Among other things, I am an amateur cartoonist. So, I see my life in pictures (Gift or curse? I don't know.), whether it be of the mind, or external influences. I have always had a yearning for photography, feeling that I would have another medium besides, what I place on paper with my long term friends, a pencil and paper. Now I have another companion, my trustee Canon SLR, which, I might add is quickly becoming an unsightly growth under my right arm. (Surgical removal looks a definite possibility.) People may wonder why I opted for the SLR and not the digital alternative. Price was a factor, but not the main. I liken to the principle of chance, a lottery, so to speak, knowing that you have taken the shot, but not knowing the outcome. This is all part of my emerging fascination with this new and exciting medium. So, when it is time to develop, comes that moment of apprehension as to the possibility of your rewards. Time to find out if that one shot, overall the rest on the film has done you justice. ( Not always the case, I might add!) I would be more than grateful for any feedback on my work. Good or bad. How else will I learn, if not by being taught! So, please don't spare me and get the gloves off. I have no favourite themes, as such. But, tend toward the wildlife aspect. Yet, I will shoot anything that catches my eye, so to speak. Beauty is predominately, in the eye of the beholder, but more than skin deep. So, so be it...

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  • Susie Q 10/04/2007 1:09

    Ed, thank you for taking the time to view and comment on my post - it's much appreciated ...
    Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound
    Susie Q

    Susie :o)
  • Andrew Le Busque(vizard photography..) 09/04/2007 16:03

    Thanks for the comment!

    I know what you mean with the pixar animation thing it's sought of like the lamp that jumps around...

    I had never thought of it like that before.

  • Mark Johnston 28/01/2007 7:56

    Thanks for the great comment Ed.
  • Margo Perend 22/01/2007 20:57

    Hello Ed!
    the greatest freedom always come from inside.
    Thanks for Your comment.

    at Grosse Arnspitze
    at Grosse Arnspitze
    Margo Perend
  • John Moore 24/09/2005 17:28

    Greetings Ed, I would like to thank you for your very kind remarks on my profile.
    I have only one photo of a beast, here it is.
    Best wishes, to be sure from down under.

  • Sir Simon 06/04/2005 18:23

    thank you very much for your comment on my pic!
    °paradoxical sunrise°
    °paradoxical sunrise°
    Simon Jutz

    best regards!
  • Abdul Khaliq 04/04/2005 15:15

    Hi Ed,
    Many thanx for your nice comment on "Highway".
  • Abdul Khaliq 26/03/2005 12:59

    Hi Ed,
    Thanx for your nice comment. I am inspired with your work.
    cheers - abdul
  • Wilhelm Harlander 14/03/2005 13:51

    Hallo Ed,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - München.

  • Anastasiya Ivanova 08/03/2005 14:58

    Great that we meet again.
    Thanks so much for your comment!

    LG Ana
  • Josep A. Collado 07/03/2005 7:23

    Thanks, Ed, for the comment.
    Kind regards.
    Josep Antoni
    Gotes - Drops
    Gotes - Drops
    Josep A. Collado
  • Anastasya I. 10/02/2005 6:16

    Hello, Wallace:
    Thank you very much for your kind comment, by the way what means 'Cead Mile Failte' ?? :)
    Your profile looks special, is that picture from your own drawing work?

    Greeting from Russia
  • T Bessey 10/02/2005 3:26

    Pie had no point, I just like trying different things. Kind of helps to keep me thinking about photography and subject matter.
  • Hudson Valley 09/02/2005 18:05

    Beautiful pictures in your gallery. Lovely.
    Your cartooning is interesting too.
    Do you have any of it on the net?
    I would love to see it.

    Nice to meet you.
  • isa haas 14/12/2004 12:54

    Hello Ed!

    Thanks for your comment to
    isa haas


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