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I live and work in the State of Maine in the USA. I travel the state quite extensively for my work and I enjoy sharing the views from my office (car) window. Maine is larger than all the other New England states combined and it can take in excess of 8 hours to travel from one end of the State to the other.

My primary interest has been landscapes, but recently, I have been trying new things. This has made my transition from point and shoot cameras to DSLR very interesting. Photography is allowing me to nurture my artistic talents in ways that I never imagined possible. I also shoot RAW manual 95% of the time in order to obtain the best processing results.

Right now I am using my trusty Canon S5IS to take pictures of my world. Join the fotocommunity and start participating in the discussion. For those new to photography or taking the step from point and shoot to SLR / DSLR I highly recommend "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. Good Luck!


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  • Sofia Lorenzo 23/07/2005 0:24

    Hi! Thank you for your comment!!!

    All the best
  • Aiden Mahoney 20/07/2005 12:59

    Thank you again Tony for you comment on "Shoreline Discoveries.
  • Aiden Mahoney 20/07/2005 12:56

    Thank you Tony for your comment on,Winter Still Life.
    Greetings from Canada.
  • John Bennett 15/06/2005 17:49

    Thanks for your comments on"fossil Leaves", I've had a look at your pictures I like the way some of them portray a lovely scence of the community spirit where you live, something sadly lacking here in England, you certainly have a good eye for a picture.
    All the best.
  • Elaine Lyness 08/06/2005 20:17

    thanks for your comment,and i like your work
  • Berthold Stephan M A I C H E L 08/06/2005 20:04


    thank you for your comment.

    Your photography works are also very interesting and very much artistic.

    Kind regards!
  • Derya Cevik 07/06/2005 23:11

    thanks your comments for my photo 'red and blue lines'. i used photoshop filters to do it
  • Wilhelm Harlander 07/06/2005 18:49

    Servus T Bessey,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

  • Dirk Hofmann 12/02/2005 1:42


    with your cool son you'll have a motive for the next 10 years ... :-) ... i know what i'm talking about: my daughter is almost 3 and absolutely enjoys being photographed ...

    i'm looking forward to see that little guy grow up ... :-)

    take care
  • FamSchmidt-Streeck 02/01/2005 20:31

    Hi, thanks for your comment to Berliner Dom. Shot details : 4 sek f 6,7 ISO 100.
  • Nicola Fernandes 19/12/2004 21:16

    How many Mega pixes/pixes is some of your images? So big yet so clear.
  • Holger X. 24/11/2004 18:51

    Hi, Tony -
    thanks for your comment on one of my photos.
    I'm lucky, that now people from all over the world can see my photos,
    that's where I've taken the photos for.
    If you like Berlin at night, this one is for you :

    You are telling, that you travel through your state extensively,
    so I have another one for you.
    Did you ever see a sunrise like that ?

    Himmel über Lourdes
    Himmel über Lourdes
    Holger X.

    With my very best wishes - Holger
  • Kim Harwood 23/11/2004 23:44

    sorry should have said pushing its luck
  • Kim Harwood 23/11/2004 23:43

    thanks for your comment ..... i think the yacht was pussing it's luck a bit.
  • Enrique Carstens 23/11/2004 0:29

    Hi!, thank you for comment my Flower Macro. I spent some time looking at your pictures and I liked very much, specially the sea pictures. Wonderful colors.

    Best regards

    Enrique Carstens
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