Nicola Fernandes

Free Account, Norwich, Norfolk

About me

I am a young curious photographer, i am interested in photojournalism. My best work features nature/landscape photography.

I am pretty versital in terms of using cameras, my best work is done on my OM 10 OMPLYPUS camera using black and white photography, where then I can process my own prints in a darkroom.

I also use a kodak digital camera for all my other work, they may not look very techincal but they images have full on impact.

I'm very into artist work e.g Photomontages and abtract photography, but also love the fine art side of creating prefectly clear and focussed photographs. I just not that good at it.

Thankyou for reading my profile. x

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  • Tony AKa fototaker 07/04/2005 19:10

    hey!! well, weLcome to FC!!! you'll discover that almost ALL of us started the same way: as beginners and you should feel at home.

    love the castle pix!!!

    PS: i didnt start as a beginner .... i wuz a baBy fuirst!!! :-D
  • Regina Ray 08/01/2005 9:51

    thanks for your comments, Nicola!
    you have some amazing shots!
    see you around
  • Barry Boldy 21/12/2004 18:56

    hey, we got another brit =) woohoo, great photos!
  • Sjoerd van den berg 21/12/2004 8:11

    hi ,
    appreciate your words...i hope you enjoy this site as i have found it has a lot to offer...hey and the people are neat...:))

  • T Bessey 19/12/2004 22:24

    Most of my shooting is done with a Canon Digital Rebel, but I also use my Fuji e550. I try to do all my shots in 6.3 mp for best image generation. I am working on RAW conversion skills right now.

  • LEE ELLAMS 14/12/2004 17:03


    welcome to the community, i hope you enjoy.

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