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  • Claude Coeudevez 31/12/2008 9:05

    Happy new year ...


  • Etienne Go 16/12/2008 18:58

    Hi Mark I had a look at your website! Love your style!
    Cheers, Etienne (The Netherlands)
  • Stefan Seith von Benrath 23/01/2008 2:30

    Thank you for the support

    best regards
  • Lubos Vanek 22/01/2008 23:28

    Thanks Mark for your comments, really appreciate, your work is wonderful. Greetings. Lubos
    Climbing the Pyramid
    Climbing the Pyramid
    Lubos Vanek
  • Gazp . 19/01/2008 9:37

    In no way is terrible. Nor drama.solo is a repetuoso comment is that here is the discussion.
    Maybe the theme of the games is more terrible weapons.
  • Menja Gschwender 07/01/2008 19:18

    awesome... thanx for sharing!
  • Sergio Pessolano 05/01/2008 22:37

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your comment and interest

    About your question:
    Nikon F5
    Tamron 20-40mm f2.7-4.5@20mm, f5.6
    This lens has a terrific sharpness at 20mm.
    Kind Regards.
  • Canan Oner 05/01/2008 16:36

    Thank you so much Mark !
  • Jacqueline Chay 05/01/2008 14:11

    Thank you very much Mark
    Fishing Boat at Ettalong
    Fishing Boat at Ettalong
    Jacqueline Chay

    Happy New Year from Oz
    Regards Jackie
  • Maria João Arcanjo 06/12/2007 21:27

    Thanks for your kind support!
  • Abdul Khaliq 18/11/2007 7:57

    Hi Marc,
    Many thanks for your vote.
  • melissa marsh 12/11/2007 12:38

    Hello, I made the background of my burn out photo blurred because there was so many people behind the car it distracted your eye from the car so I blurred the people.
  • Kenny Jazz 06/11/2007 9:15

    I think that you are one of the best sports photographers i have seen on this site. Peeple on your pictures looks amazing, in great poses completely enjoyed games. Wonderful demonstration of emontions !
  • Mel Deubelbeiss 24/10/2007 8:50

    Hy Mark,
    very special Pictures with Feeling an Soul.
    I'm happy to find you here.
    Sorry for my no perfect english ;-)
    Greets, Mel

  • Volker Hilbrich Fine Art Photography 12/08/2007 1:42

    thank you for your comments.
    Your photos are also very good.

    greetings from Germany

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