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I know how to operate a camera!!!

I still travel to Rota, Spain as I still have my spanish apartment in Rota (Cadiz). Remarried in 2016 to my Nikon-shooter Sheila, and now reside in western New York (WNY) for the moment.
I'm an AMERICAN busy traveling and snapping fotos, BUT you can still email me directly with your thoughts, money donations for food for me and my camera, cakes or pies (I love German apple pie) or any comments at fototaker at gmail dot com. danKe/gracias/thanks!! When I am in Spain I am always searching for a muse for my camera!
Freelance photographer for many many decades, now working with a Canon EOS R5 with a few of my older EOS lenses, with an Olympus M1mkIII on emergency standby. I enjoy many themes and subjects but what I REALLY love: portraits, landscapes, and details of everything and ANYthing; buildings.. the older the beTTer!! My paSSion: artnudes, as the body is the true landscape...

I am continuously searching for creative people to assist me in continuing my various projects in artnudes and body landscapes. I am always seeking collaborators to share in art, beauty and the study of light upon skin and textures. Also LOVE talking to other photographers about our paSSion of photography...

ALSO: danKe/thanks/gracias to those who comment on my work displayed here. In case you havent noticed: I ALWaYS display my fotos small :(( once you have had your fotos stolen and/or displayed somewhere else under a different name, you'll understand why I always display my fotos small!! WHO's using YOUR fotos in their websites??

If your passion of photography is the same as mine, I enjoy meeting & talking to others who share my passion for photography. I'm a traveler and would be willing to exchange fotos of you, your pet dog, your car or whatever in exchange for a chat, a bed to rest my lenses on, and a tour of your area. Donations gladly accepted... those wishing to support this artist in financial means, can receive an image in exchange of their kindness and donation.
Self-portrait avatar pix was recorded while in my apt in Spain (2006).

- SONY A7c with various lenses
- Olympus M1mkIII with various lenses [used for special effects]

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  • Josep A. Collado 29/10/2013 8:16

    Thank you, Tony, for your kind comments!
    Lidia I
    Lidia I
    Josep A. Collado
  • Esti Eini 28/01/2012 14:37

    thanks for all your comments, it was really great that you liked so many of them!!
    icarus falling to the sea
    icarus falling to the sea
    Esti Eini

    I also liked many of your pictures, the sunsets especially are marvelous!
    thanks for correcting me about the pelicans.
  • Isabell.. Liebt Honigkuchenpferde. =) 19/12/2009 14:22

    thank you.
  • Julia Wahl 07/07/2009 0:02

    ha ha thanks, but I have a few fireworks shots from previous years, that I could trick my friends with ;-)
    I'm back in the city again, was in Sonora for the weekend. I was worried I'd freeze to death after a 100 degree weekend there, but it's actually not so bad here, nice and sunny :-)

    Julia Wahl

    By the way this picture was taken from my kitchen window when I lived in North Beach. I have moved to Nob Hill since, and unfortunately don't have such great views anymore :-(

    Have a great rest of the day
  • JVision 24/04/2009 20:43

    Hi Tony,
    it's so nice to hear from you again. I hope you are doing fine.
  • Jasmina Asic 24/08/2007 2:12

    "I'm now nine months living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA: Eugene, Oregon." .... i can't believe it's been NINE MONTHS already!!!
  • Jasmina Asic 19/06/2007 17:00

    hola tony ;)
    a miracle again, i found my way to fotocommunity.. hehe:) don't have a lot of time, got 2 more exams in a couple of days and then i'll be free as a bird. or something like that ;)
    hahaha :)))

  • Jacqueline Chay 31/03/2007 16:19

    Hi Tony, Ive just returned from my vacation and found your nice comment - Thank you Regards from Australia
  • KasiaDesign 25/02/2007 21:27

    Hi Tony,
    I see you've moved back to the States. Nice to hear from you again and glad my Bavarian and Heidelberg pics brought back memories. Cheers, Kathryn
  • Gisela Kr. 24/02/2007 10:36

    Hi Tony,
    thanks for your comment to my pic "endless Highway".
    Yes, I enyoud my tripp and try to remember it alsways.....
    when I look at my pics from it.
    Greetings from Germany
  • Jasmina Asic 21/12/2006 13:17

    hola siLLy :P
    guess who's online.. now, isn't that a miracle?! :))
  • Gerhard Hein 20/12/2006 10:06

    Hello Tony,

    thx for your remarks under my photo

    I 've visiting your picture. Good stuff. From time zu time I will visit you and enjoy on your marvellous pictures.

    greets from Germany
  • Jairaj Kairvar 09/11/2006 15:05

    hi, thanks for the nice comment,i had observed this glorious sunset from my room and then climbed up to a vantage position on a high ridge,about 9000 ft. height for acpturing the shot in the uttaranchal himalayas in india
  • Zeki Kurtulus 04/11/2006 18:53

    Hi Tony,

    Solo was taken a place called Kefken / Izmit - The Republic of Turkey.

  • Michael Thumsch 08/09/2006 11:07

    Buenos dias

    I have been living for two month in Cádiz capital and over 2,5 years close to Marbella.
    I prefer the costa de luz to marbella and the costa del sol.
    Just tjinking of the beaches at the atlantic or watching the kite-surfers in Tarifa in front of the Marrocian coast makes me feel homesick (going back to spain I mean)

    Looking forward to more pictures

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