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Probably there will not be much more.
I'm sorry for that.

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  • Ivo Vapiroff 04/07/2006 20:12

    hi :)
    nice shots :)
  • Anca B 03/07/2006 7:18

    Have a nice day.
    Anca B

  • Anastasya I. 09/02/2005 12:23

    Hello, Rachel:
    Thanks for your replies and very happy to meet you!
    I add you to buddies for your further picture works. :-)

    Greets from Russia
  • Julius Gregorio 24/01/2005 4:57

    Thanks for the comment. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, and I just traveled to St. Augustine for the second time in a month. I love it there. And yes I went to the Mission where the cross is at. I have tons of photos, but I can only upload one every 7 days. =\ I hope to see more of your photos.

  • Zac Cutler 22/11/2004 20:25

    Your illegal postings will not be tolerated Miss. Please keep it inside the lines! Just think what the principal would have to say to you if he knew what was going on behind his back.
  • Stefale 21/11/2004 18:47

    hi there
    I just want to say
    that I like your german
    because it's
    better than my english...
    and I like also your pic's ;o)
  • Mathias Blanck 13/11/2004 1:19

    Hi Rachel,
    welcome in the FC
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