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  • Martin Unger 11/12/2006 20:59

    Hi Zac! I'm really glad you are back! :)
  • Jacqueline Chay 05/12/2006 11:31

    Hi Zac, Thank you for your comment Jackie
  • Brian Tucker 27/04/2005 3:35

    Hey Zac. Nice pictures, I especially like the ones of architecture. Keep it up. Maybe someday I'll have some decent ones too :P
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/03/2005 4:35

    hi zac!
    welcome to the fotocommunity!
    you look pretty bad on your profile photo and i hope you'll be better soon ... ;-)
    this community is a place for everyone who is interested in photography and you'll soon find out that there are a lot of nice people around here!
    looking forward to see more of your photos ... :-)
  • Natalie Hartmann 25/02/2005 1:39

    Haha, this profile picture of yours is amazing! I love it it makes me laugh every time (its cause I'm an amazing photographer) acctually this photo looks nothing like when i took it, lol and thats a good thing!
  • Mandy Wockenfuß 16/02/2005 19:53

    Hi Zac,

    that's really funny, because I didn't know, that I wrote you 2 comments for 2 different photos. So you can see, that your stil suits me unknowingly very well ;o) I hope to find much informations to become better in taking photos ;o)
    Can you speak some German?

    greez, Manni ...
  • Rachel A 02/02/2005 2:55

    fweep and muffins make all the girlies scream!
    nobody has anything nice to say about my pictures, its a good thing i can leech off of your talent and make an elf!
    in lieu of cuddly animal, I'm getting a fish. Hmmm.
    schwaa diggity!
  • Irina No 03/01/2005 16:32

    Hello Zac!
    Thanx for your comment!
    Happy New Year!
  • Andrew MacDonald 20/12/2004 16:30

    your photos are bloody good, keep at it, i love your style :D
  • Pineapple Mary 12/12/2004 15:39

    Hey Zac!
    I really do like some of your pictures and I'm looking forward to see more.
    I got some critisism for you too:
    in some of your pictures I kinda miss the contrast!
    Hope you keep on shooting...
  • Regina Ray 06/12/2004 20:31

    hey Zac! thanks for your nice comments!
  • Martin Unger 04/12/2004 21:06

    Hi Zac!
    You showed allready some amazing work and I'm eager to see more!
    Greetings from Norway, Martin
  • Nikki Tarigan 29/11/2004 15:27

    Its really great for you to explore your long frogotten hobbies. And i think you really have a talent here. Can wait to see another of your work.
  • Rachel A 22/11/2004 15:14

    oooh i am being illegal and posting you right now! in school time!!! anyway see ya have a nice monday.
  • Jo Ma 01/11/2004 19:10

    Hello Zac!!!
    hop you'll have fun here!! i'm looking forward to see more of your photos!
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