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I just started on photography since the 2nd semester of my study at mascomm. On that semester i've got photography session, but its not continue to the other semester. I'm a person who like nature including people, plant and animal. But until now i just started on taking picture of people and plants. I'm using ZR 2000 of "brown" camera, with 58 mm zooming lens and full manual system. After i graduate i've plan to continue my education in movie making so i really want to find out about photography that have relation with future major . But it can be happen when i have enough money. Now the only income i have is from my parents cause in Indonesia its hard to find a job when you are still in college and dont have a connection..i'm not that creative. I have single fighter mother, three married working sisters, one sister still in college on her fifth semester, one unemployed brother.But all of that will not be my barrier to have a better life...i'm working on it..........May GOD Bless the person who read this stuff...

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