Julius Gregorio

Free Account, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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I'm new at this hobby. I'm trying to learn more each day and I hope to receive comments (bad and good) to better help my photography.

I've had my Canon Digital Rebel (300D) for 6 months now (May 2004). My first interest was colored outdoor landscapes. But I find myself turning to Black and Whites and moving torwards Portrait photography because in South Florida, we rarely have outdoor landscapes other than the beach. I hope to travel one day and practice my photography elsewhere.

Canon 17-40 mm "L"
Canon 28-135 mm "IS"
Canon 50 mm / 1.4

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  • Claudia Zeidler 20/02/2005 0:10

    hi julius,

    thank you for your comment! I' ve had a look on your pictures, they are very nice, but not much!?
    Show us Florida, we are sitting here in Germany, the snow is falling and we would like to be in Florida. Show us the good weather!
    cu claudia
  • Regina Ray 12/11/2004 13:59

    hi julius,
    thanks for your comments!
    totally understand about the landscapes - i've been shooting only desert and kinda got tired (i live in kuwait).
    looking forward to see more of your pictures.
  • Th2orsten Bock 11/11/2004 12:17

    Thanks to the Florida sea side for commenting the Black Forest in such friendly fashion.

    I agree with the beach-photography problem. Same applies for mountaineous sun downs ;) However may I add, that this weekend a friend blew me away with some pictures of the North Sea?

    I hope your potrait project turns out well, thus giving me afair chance something similar might apply for me too. Some time.

    Good luck,

  • Visiones de vida. 11/11/2004 7:56

    Julius,...welcome to the FC!,...have fun!
  • Snjezana Josipovic 08/11/2004 20:15

    thank you for your comment

    ...I love your photos :-) and hope to see more :-)

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