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I always dreamed of a camera that would allow me to make a virtually unlimited number of photos of anything I fancied. Thanks to the "digital revolution", this dream became a reality - thank you Pentax -. You can compare it with skiing as in the old days, with a strip card: every extra ride had a tangible financial repercussion, while a day- or weekcard frees the mind considerably. I'm a fervent skier, by the way. Although I consider myself being a sculptor now, I studied painting during a few years, and it's still a major interest of mine of course. During travels, I used to carry a videocamera -unlimited image capturing capacities remember-, planning to use stills for paintings. But videocams are bulky, the images are coarse, so a compact stills camera is a far better solution for me. Favourite themes would be landscapes, trees and architecture. Equipment for the moment : a Pentax Optio 550, first compact to come with a 5-time zoom. I' m still discovering new possibilities with the machine. After having taken almost 40 000 pics in less than two years, I'm now trying to make a selection and share part of it with FC.

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  • Lubos Vanek 29/01/2007 17:20

    Thank you Filip for stopping on my picture(s) Getting Worse. That mountains behind you seem to me much higher than "my" Dolomiti. You have interesting attempts for moving photo from driving car and so on. "Still sleepy" I also like. And where are your mountains?? Greetings Lubos.
  • Robert L. Roux 25/10/2006 15:24

    hi filip
    greetings from the canadian north ... ;-))
  • Olha Klipkova 24/10/2006 19:34

    thanks for visiting my page and commenting wy work!
    Olha Klipkova
    good luck, Olha
  • Igor Eugeny Urmin 20/10/2006 10:41

    Dear Filip, I thank for your response about a photo Two roads. I have looked your works, many have liked me. Cycling the summer to me has liked. In my opinion in it a photo you have made 2 objects which stop a sight of the spectator. An interesting tree in the center of the staff and a red spot in a corner. I think they argue among themselves, it is always better if one object of attention. Successes to you. Yours faithfully Igor
  • Tom McDade 14/10/2006 23:17

    Hi Igor
    many thanks for you comment.
    Ihope you'll 'crit' my work again soon.
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 22/08/2006 17:13

    I wonder your world that's impessive, creative and very inspiring. Your interpretations're really amazing. I like these pics.
    Best wishes, and many thanks for your comment!:)
  • Ulrich Waack 19/12/2005 21:54

    thxcomment - I still dream to cross the 6.000, but the Aconcagua would be too hard for me. Congrats!
  • Ulrich Waack 19/12/2005 21:12

    Thx for comment, but cannot find your photos. So sorry - you seem to be experienced with summits.
  • Frank Cecconi 15/12/2005 2:59

    Hi Filip

    Thanks for your comment on Kitchen Confidential. I like your portfolio ... ;-) Cheers
  • Ron Couwenberg 17/11/2005 17:48

    Thanks for your comment
  • Remsi Remsen 23/10/2005 23:13

    hoi filip

    so you liked my lil "quotes"? hehe... very good then. thats all i wanted. please somebody.
    You seem to be an interesting person, then... I also got decline of them... People somewhat dont understand my point.

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Trisha Srivastava 12/09/2005 22:16

    Hello Filip,
    Thank You for the comment on my photo "A day of rest". The photograph is of a corner of downtown of Tampa, Florida which usually succumbs to the hustle bustle of the weekdays and stands lone at the weekends.


  • this one left 07/09/2005 3:21

    Of course I don't mind you saying so. Thanks for the honest opinion! :)

  • this one left 29/07/2005 22:42

    How fitting that your photos seem to have a painterly quality. I wanted to say they had an impressionistic feel but fear that since I'm not a painter, nor do I have any art background at all to speak of, that I would have my genre's confused.

    In any event they're very enjoyable to view and, in my opinion, different is good. :)
  • Thomas Muhr 10/07/2005 22:42

    Thanks for the comment on Calle Pesceria:
    Venice - Calle Pescaria
    Venice - Calle Pescaria
    Thomas Muhr
    Now I got curious and found none of your photos: what happened?
    - Thomas
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