Claudia Robinson Cnell

Free Account, Lowcountry of South Carolina

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i kinda like being different

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  • Susi Lawson Susi 11/02/2006 20:47

    Hi Claudia! Thanks for your warm welcome! what a great site this is! appreciate the friendly face!
  • Paul Hinndes 11/08/2005 18:56

    I love your photos and you have a lovely dog, so cute! :-))
  • Remsi Remsen 28/06/2005 2:22

    Hi, Claudia...
    you just inspired me.

    its your great ID pic.

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Ralf Kesper 12/06/2005 14:39

    Hi Claudia...

    Thank you for your comment under my...

    much greetings
  • Wilhelm Harlander 11/06/2005 21:00

    Servus Claudia,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

    A Q U E R I U S
    A Q U E R I U S
    Wilhelm Harlander


  • Derya Cevik 04/06/2005 7:34

    thanks your comment on 'me'
  • Pierre Sorgniard Paris 01/06/2005 17:21

    Hello Claudia,

    Thanks for your comment on my "Prisonner Of Condom". I didn't think it would be so funny when doing it, bue that's actualy how it show in the end. Great.

  • Esther Scheelings 30/05/2005 19:40

    Hi Claudia,
    Thank you for your nice comment on my picture.
    Kind regards,
  • Julie Williams 27/05/2005 3:18

    Hi Claudia

    Thank you for your comment on 'Paper Rose'

    Glad you like to be different - wonderful photographs - laughed out loud at yr profile shot

    can't wait to see more

    Julie (W.Australia)
  • Detlef Klahm 27/05/2005 2:27

    What a portfolio picture Claudi...poor guy...hope he`s not hurt!!
    Thank You Claudia for commenting and some of my images. I really apprecaite this!
  • Rob Wells 23/05/2005 14:11


    "Chuffed" is just one of those real colloquial English words. Simply means 'pleased' or 'satisfied'.

    To be honest, I have a horrible feeling I'm the only person in the UK that still uses it. Hip and happening I aint !!

    Take it easy.
  • Ivaylo Kostadinov 23/05/2005 13:07

    :)) Hi Claudia..
    What can I say more than your photos are brilliant :))
    I love the mood in it.. It has great influence..
    Fantastic computer work,super layer compositions and colour processing and adjustments..
    Thumb`s up :))
    ..and the extravagant profile pic is great,I just love it :))
  • Goran Stamenkovic 22/05/2005 19:45

    Hi Claudia, thank You for comment, I wish You all the best in Your future work.
  • Robert L. Roux 22/05/2005 18:55

    Ditto Mick.
  • Mic K 18/05/2005 10:32

    Hi Claudia
    great profile, wonderfull pics
    thanks for sharing!
    Mick .
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