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Hi all,

I started taking pictures for a long time. Just holiday's, my child etc. For about a year ago I started with a course because I really liked it and wanted to know more about it. In November 2004 started the follow up course and since then my camera and I are always together.
Still trying to find out what my favourite themes are. But just got my Macro lens for mothersday and really like the results.
I started with the Canon EOS 300 analog but since January I have got the Canon EOS 300D! Yep, took to much pictures got out off hand and costed a lot off money. That's the reason I am digital now. No fotoshop just to see up front what I would like to print and what will I save on disc. Also I can see in some cases what I did wrong. When the pictures doesn't have the result I would like I can see what I have done.

So please comment because I loved to get better!

Best regards,

p.s. This photo was taken during my photography course last year. This one is taking by my mother in law.

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  • Robert L. Roux 17/04/2006 9:02

    easter greetings -
    from your far-away friend ... ;-))
  • Ron Couwenberg 06/04/2006 12:19

    Hi Esther, thanks again for your kind words. I arreciate it very much. Jaeda is my daughter, she's now 2 and a half years old. Check out the pic " The Cream Warior".
    That's her.
  • Ron Couwenberg 06/04/2006 12:16

    Esther, thank you for your kind lovely words. That cheering was not for me. It was for the Moluccan band
    Djanecy in Nieuw -Vennep. Thanks again.
  • Sergio Pessolano 07/03/2006 23:15

    Hi Esther,
    Thank you for your kind comments to my photos and your appreciation about my work. About "Good News" that man started his reading from the last page.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 07/03/2006 6:30

    Hi Esther thanks again for your comment and kompliment. :)

    Regards Anastasia
  • Sergio Pessolano 28/02/2006 11:09

    Hi Esther,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "They Look at us...". I really enjoy your comment.
  • Sissi Blume 21/11/2005 9:19

    Thank you for your comment.Winter ist here and I love it too.
    Wish you a nice day!
  • Milan Kozánek 02/11/2005 17:19

    Hi Esther,
    Thank you for your comments on my macro. Regards,
  • Rita VanDeemter 09/09/2005 18:09

    Ja Esther, ze zal zeker een beetje ouder moeten zijn
    om hiervan te kunnen genieten. Mijn zoon is net naar de Julianna Toren in Apeldoorn geweest, een pretpark voor 2 tot 8 ongeveer, mijn kleindochter van bijna 2 1/2 heeft genoten :) Mooi te combineren dus in de toekomst,.
  • Stefanos Lampridis 06/09/2005 14:46

    Hi Esther! I'm glad that you like my shot "dreamin" and i liked your shots to!
    If i may, the only "advice" that i can give you ( because you allready take good pictures) is that you should look a little beyond rules and seek what you wish and not what you told...
    Also try to take personalised pics from various objects while playing with the light. As i saw, you can control light...

    Thank you again..... Greetings from Greece!

    dreamin' [ck_010]
    dreamin' [ck_010]
    Stefanos Lampridis
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 04/09/2005 13:43

    Hi Ester,
    They still go up to the north, this big green monster.
    I find 12 of this big one's in my garden!!!
  • Vanessa Torres 02/09/2005 18:17

    Thanks a lot for your comment.. :) Yes Im to Alison like if I were her aunt.. :) and now I know how you are feeling with this happines. :) congrats!!!
  • Rita VanDeemter 24/08/2005 23:50

    Esther that beach photo was taken in March this year, but in South Africa LOL I have had 2 sundays on the beach in Holland this summer. Except from the heatwave we had in June, those were the only beach days :((((((
    groetjes Rita
  • Vladimir Kutchinski 14/08/2005 10:18

    Thanks for your kind comment.
    You have a nice pictures.
  • Dennis Veldman 11/08/2005 23:44

    dank je :)
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