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Vladimir Kutchinski

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  • Raymond Ashley 27/11/2005 4:32

    Good Picture. Everything works together nicely shadows, colors, model. I have to learn to be more deep like the previous comments. To me, it looks like she's unhappy about burning the chicken for supper.
  • Steven Aronoff 15/11/2005 5:54

    I think that basically it's very easy to take photographs of wrinkly old people that are very interesting. Yours brings a fresh perspective, an unusual expression, and fantastic quality that is truly terrific.
  • Michelle Dhillon 06/11/2005 13:28

    Perfection!.. A woman who has lived through much,
    is wise in her ways and has many stories to tell. I feel you have captured not just a portrait, but her very essence, Well Done.
  • Moritz Huber 05/11/2005 15:20

    This picture contains not only Art or Beauty but also MAGIC. It is very attracting for the eyes and the sins, you hold still and are enchanted. I´ve seen a lot of photos but this is a very extraordinary one: just a few rare do this effect ! Thank you for such a nice picture
  • Rosana Ziemba 05/11/2005 8:27

    Beautiful portrait!
  • Milan Kozánek 02/11/2005 17:26

    This is not only the portrait, this is a story. Fantastic!!!
  • Rastislav Blaško 31/10/2005 22:23

    i dont like this blur
  • Michael Dolby 29/10/2005 13:55

    It reminds me of some of the Karsh portraits, Congratulations
    Mike Dolby
  • Rarindra Prakarsa 28/10/2005 16:01

    good shoot good editing
  • Emi Satou 25/10/2005 5:56

    wonderful work. beautiful face!
  • Luis Andres Hernandez 23/10/2005 23:26 Voting comment

    Agree with Jaime too.
  • Dominic Falcone 23/10/2005 23:26 Voting comment

    Agree with Jaime
  • Josep A. Collado 23/10/2005 23:26 Voting comment

  • Viktoria Shorite 23/10/2005 23:26 Voting comment

  • Angel Pena 23/10/2005 23:26 Voting comment



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