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What is the fotocommunity-gallery?
In the gallery you find the "Best of" of the fotocommunity, determined by our users.

How does a picture get into the gallery?
Our paying members decide whether a suggested picture can be put into the gallery by voting "Pro" or "Contra" . If a picture has more Pro-votes than Contra-votes it moves into the gallery.

How can I suggest a photo for the gallery?
Under a photo issued in the fotocommunity you can find the button "gallery proposal". Every paying member is able to vote for a gallery proposal here.

Where can I see the voting results?
In the Voting History you can find an overview of the voting results.

Why can only paying members vote and make gallery suggestions?
The voting is limited to paying users because we don’t want the result to be distorted by fake accounts, which are created just for this proposal.

You find all the information about the fotocommunity-gallery and its rules here.
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