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About me

I live in Yokohama.
I'll show scenery of Tokyo and Yokohama mainly in here.
Please enjoy it.

digtal : nikon E2500 / canon A95 / canon G5
film : Olympus OM10 / Olympus XA / Olyumpus EES / Fujifilm Silvi F2.8 / RICHO SE-2

Thank you for stopping. :)

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  • Choccoboo 29/04/2009 21:22

    Vos photos sont vraiment superbes..
  • Daren Borzynski 26/01/2007 0:39

    Hi Emi

    Thank you very much for the comment on my photograph.. it is very much appreciated.

    I really ike your photograph 'Sunday Ginza'.. it looks very beautiful.. a very delicate image!

  • Helmut Schadt 13/07/2006 12:46

    I like your kind of photography........fine impressions Japanese style.
    yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
  • Karasu 15/04/2006 12:47

    Hi! ^^
    Oh...I do take fotos...but not that much...and in wintier...I didn't find much that was worth taking a picture of it *smile*

  • Rolf Pessel 03/04/2006 9:25

    Your pictures are real pieces of art.
    And since I visited you country I'm a fan of Japan.
    Warm regards
  • A.. R.. 31/03/2006 13:17

    very enjoyable photographs...

  • Martin Erni 28/03/2006 20:02

    Konichiwa Emi.
    Thanks a lot for your nice comments.
    You asked me about the place with the fisherman.
    I made this picture last Dezember on my journey trough
    Cambodia. It's made on the coast in Kep a small village
    in the south of Cambodia. It's a beautiful Country.But my favorite country to make pictures is definetly Japan.
    It's just gorgeous !! Wherever you look you see beautiful staff to shoot pictures. Sugooooiiiii. smile
  • Murat Kivrak 24/02/2006 14:40

    Hi Emi:) Thank for your comment. I like your color and photo. By the way I like very much from japan culture and tradition. Nice to meet you:)
  • Jens Versteegden 07/02/2006 4:36

    Your picture 'Tokyo' is nothing less than stunning. I am expecting curiously to see more of your works. CU
  • Franco Forte 06/02/2006 14:46

    nice shots - so I will know japan much better

    luobin from frankfurt
  • Non Member 08/11/2005 8:03

    Thanks for comment on my photo glad you liked it. I love the unique style you have, the colours and angles are fantastic.
    greetings from NZ
  • John Bennett 28/10/2005 10:07

    Thank you, Emi, for your very kind remarks to my pictures.
  • Karasu 28/10/2005 0:59

    Yes is know the words *laugh*
    "karasu" is my nickname, even in real life...and the "sama"-thing...it's just for fun...it has not a bit of a meaning ^^
  • Vladimir Kutchinski 25/10/2005 11:10

    Thank you for your comments on my pictures.
  • Esti Eini 22/10/2005 23:15

    Hello Emi,
    Thank you for your comments on my pictures.
    I enjoy your pictures very much! You have a wonderful eye. I hope to see many more.
    This motorbike knew a better life...
    This motorbike knew a better life...
    Esti Eini
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