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  • Sergio Pessolano 24/03/2006 9:19

    Hi Moritz,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Bagno di Gioia". Sorry for the delay, but I just come back from Ethiopia for my first digital reportage. Thank you especially for your kind words about my images and my photographic way: really appreciated.
    Have a great weekend.
  • Katerina Zumrová 10/03/2006 20:16

    Hi. Thank you for your comments to my photos.
    before 10 minutes
    before 10 minutes
    Katerina Zumrová
    - yes, I think it is truth...
    ranní obloha
    ranní obloha
    Katerina Zumrová

    procházka u Labe
    procházka u Labe
    Katerina Zumrová

    Katerina :-)
  • Margo Perend 08/02/2006 21:44

    Hi Moritz,
    thanks for your comment. "Luck" is indeed the most suitable word for such a pic:P
    Greets, Margo
    kesse on
    kesse on
    Margo Perend
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 24/01/2006 10:46

    Thank you for comment and proposal.
    Greetings, Mircea
  • Katerina Zumrová 22/01/2006 20:07

    thank you so much for your comments to my photos "klepetnatec", "kapka rosy", "Dody"
    and thanks for recommended my photo to the Gallery
    Katerina :-)
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 17/01/2006 10:49

    Thank you, Moritz, for comment and advice.
    Yes, Budapest, Erzsebet Bridge.
    Best regards, Mircea
  • Frank Cecconi 15/12/2005 5:36

    Hi Ruud.

    Thank you very much for your comment on Melbourne Central. And welcome to FC - you willl learn so much about photography on this site. Nice portfolio;-) Cheers
  • Ron Couwenberg 14/12/2005 12:55

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
  • Richard Waldron 30/11/2005 23:48

    Hi Ruud. Thanks for the observation. Ok the golden section 5 parts to 8 is an approximation of Phi2 = Phi + 1 which is normally taught for non mathmaticians like me. I cropped the photo and missed the background bit that you point out. I do not suppose there is a way to repost it without losing the comments?
  • Mario Borg 15/11/2005 13:42

    Thanks for your comment on the photo "he North Western coast of Gozo" I would take your suggestion in the future.
    Took time to check on some of your photos. I really enjoyed all of them. I could not stop admiring the the details in your photo "ittle Well"
    Hope to see more of your excellent photos in the coming future.
  • Danny W. Wilson 06/11/2005 0:37

    Welcome to FC!
    Crystal 3
    Crystal 3
    Danny W. Wilson

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