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Señor Coulmier

Señor Coulmier

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Vanessa Torres

Free Account, Hermosillo

Señor Coulmier

" Señor de Sade. Me parece que aqui debo imponer la voz de la razón"

This picture was taken at the same time like the Marat´s photo, this is Esmeralda one of the student from the University of Sonora she is studing Theatre as Andrés. She is performing as a director on Charentons Mental Institution where Sade and Marat as interned.

Remember... I tooked during a play of theathre the lights and the perfomance its from the play "Marat / Sade" .. I took with a 1600 Asa, camera EOS 2000 analog, velocity 15, and 5.6, zoom 80mm.

Comments 17

  • Elaine Liebenbaum 10/03/2006 20:10

    this is fantastic.
  • Cinar Örge 11/09/2005 11:26

    Super Composition!

  • Sergio Moreira 19/08/2005 3:07

  • Arkadiusz Juszczak 18/08/2005 18:06

    Great picture.
  • Kenny Jazz 18/08/2005 8:15

    I think this personel remind me one of the strange personel form K.L. Borhes books. Everething so mystical and a little bit get deep in private thoughts. You cant expain to another but you understand it without words. Strong and expressive !
  • Barbora Radova 17/08/2005 20:55

    Very well done, Vanessa. I like this strong picture !
  • Dominic Falcone 17/08/2005 0:50

    Great picture vanessa,
    I dont think technical detail matters so much in this type of interpretation, the overall impact is strong and the picture works very well.
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 16/08/2005 22:02

    Thanks Vanessa for your kind comment of my Dandelion!
    This photo is for me the best, soft light, nice colours and face. Great work you have.
  • Luis Andres Hernandez 16/08/2005 4:14

    Muy buena foto, agarraste un buen momento en esta obra de teatro, para el ISO manejado, los colores son muy buenos.


    Luis Andres
  • Rob Wells 15/08/2005 23:55

    It puts me in mind of a still shot from a European art-house movie.

    Nice shot, but have to agree with the previous comments about the over-exposure on the hands. I may have personally cropped a little more of the picture at the bottom, especially where the light catches the stool. Its a bit distracting.

    Take care.
  • Mario Leko 18/03/2005 23:41

    i love it!!!! you must stay in theatre ;)))
  • Pedro Dinis 08/03/2005 1:14

    Imponent position of the model, good game of high contrasts and saturation of color!
    The overexposed in the hand, it could be corrected, but in general terms this image have much impact :)
  • Mic K 05/03/2005 1:56

    overexposed or not
    micki .
  • Falk 04/03/2005 22:17

    sehr schön grüsse falk
  • JVision 04/03/2005 9:17

    Great work. I love the colors and the expression.