Pedro Dinis

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  • Vanessa Torres 16/08/2005 4:07

    Pedro!! I dont know what happens wiht your photos, cause are so good for make me thing stories about them.. :) goood!!! so lovelys photos!.
  • Liz M 07/04/2005 9:12

    Hi Pedro
    Your a really great photographer, and i really enjoy looking at and commenting on your photos.
    Take care, liz
  • Alison Visona 10/03/2005 5:02

    Your photos are amazing!!!!
  • Christoph Hammann 08/03/2005 2:35

    thank you for commenting favourably on
  • Filip Wieme 25/02/2005 13:41

    Pedro, I like your statement ; long live the rules, so that we can keep breaking them!
  • Vanessa Torres 25/02/2005 1:16

    Good Photos!! I hope you put many more.. Regrats..
  • Pedro Dinis 24/02/2005 0:42

    I was born in Lisbon - Portugal in 1967, since of my 10 years old that I started to photograph my world; and now I share it a little with you.
    I do not follow always the rules of photography, because I don`t like limits in creativity. If exists rules, is because if they can break.

    Thank you for sharing your commentaries with my images.
    Fuji S 2 Pro / Nikon lens
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