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I prefer BW photos not only taken but also developed myself. In this time I haven´t my own dark room, so I also use a digital camera.

Focused on streets, architecture, people and artistic photography.

Primarly using Canon EOS 30, Canon A-1 and Canon D20 to shoot. Rolleiflex 6006 is my favorite.

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  • aw masry 17/06/2007 23:35

    Thanks for sparing your wonderful time in appreciated on my picture.
    I'm happy you're like my pic. Also, you have pictures in great taken!!! Thanks for appreciated.
    Regards - aw masry
  • Manuela Innocenti 29/05/2007 12:09

    Many thanks Barbora... best regards :)
  • Marco Lascialfari 25/05/2007 9:18

    Grazie infinite del commento Barbara.
    Ciao, Marco.
    The cascades Victoria
    The cascades Victoria
    Marco Lascialfari
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 25/10/2006 15:58

    yourPics are exceptional and amazing works with really individual interpretation!
  • beatrix bistiakova 19/10/2006 10:16

    dakujem ti za tvoj koment pri mojej fotke...

  • Esti Eini 11/10/2005 8:39

    I Babora,
    I found many wonderful photos in your profile. with the b/w you manage to bring the city atmosphere very good.
  • Ina Chira 07/10/2005 8:35

    Hi! thanks for your comment. It's nice to start with good ones. I'm allso int'o b&w photography. In a few days you will get to see athers work of mine. I like a lot your Sad landscape
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 26/08/2005 0:25

    Hi Barbora, your photos are great, like it how you have focused on black and white you shoot them well, i like the way you take photos with such depth and clarity hope to see more from you and welcome to FC
    jaime ---
  • Maria Luís Castela 25/08/2005 19:23

    Thanks for ur comment in"amsterdam" i also preffer black and white pic, and i checked ur gallery... :) great work with shape, building architectures :D
  • Rob Wells 22/08/2005 13:07

    Thanks for your comment on my self portrait. At least it didn't send you running away screaming: -

    Hail the Vain 2
    Hail the Vain 2
    Rob Wells

    When I'm at home later, I'll have to have another look through you photo's and comment. Stuck at work right now with a slow connection!!

    Take it easy.
  • Abdul Khaliq 22/08/2005 10:30

    Hi Barbora, Many thanks for looking into my pictures and posting nice comments.
    Your pictures are highly artististic, like to see more of them.

    Greetings - abdul
  • John Bennett 19/08/2005 9:36

    Hi Barbora, thanks for your comments on "Storm chase". I see your new to FC and have some good strong images on your site,looking forward to seeing any new pictures.
  • Vanessa Torres 17/08/2005 21:24

    Wow.. Im so happy for your kind comments.. you are so nice with my photos.. I hope you have more and moreeee and more pictures here for giving an eye. Keep doing good shots. and wellcome to the community.
  • Rob Wells 16/08/2005 22:23

    Thanks for your comments, Barbora.

    For Kay Wölfle - The Unblemished Version ;-) Version 2
    For Kay Wölfle - The Unblemished Version ;-) Version 2
    Rob Wells
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