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Professional photographer and filmmaker, Patrick de Warren provides photography, direction, production, and film-making for the commercial, art, fashion, advertising and entertainment industries.

The work of Patrick de Warren has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally.

Clients include: ZOOM International , ELLE , Sotheby’s, Qvest , Grazia Italia , Armani Art Exchange project by Giorgio Armani, A Magazine, Trace , Sportwear international, Petra Magazine, Pier59studios, ABC, Newport Academy, Sharagano, , Artist Bernar Venet , Edouardo Chillida Estate.

In 2002, he was awarded Honorable Mention for the Polaroid International Photography Award for North America, as well as Camera Arts Magazine Polaroid Award, and in 2009 was nominated for the New York Photo Awards.

With twenty years of experience in Fashion and Product photography , de Warren has for the last few years extended his interest to moving images, including Media video productions and film documentary projects. He provides professional digital photographic and video services, direction, production, and film-making for the commercial, art, fashion, advertising and entertainment industries.

Through still and moving images, Patrick captures a way of seeing frame by frame , revealing a poetry in motion. His passion for the visual arts and story-telling can be seen throughout his work.

His works contain a sense of drama without being staged or retouched. Light
is his palette and his portraits have a painterly quality that1s hard to
pinpoint. His portrait of Susan Sarandon, for example—elegant, girlish,
innocent and hidden, she is nearly swallowed by the darkness of the room yet
is illumianted by the fresh light falling through the window where she sits
like a kid on the sill. Models shot in a marsh become renaissance figures,
the light soft and flat, diffuse, preserving the secrecy and nobility of
each subject. He is markedly not confrontational or probing—alowing a piece
of the heart to sly peek through. He catches the inner elegance of each
person, the gestural sense of an ongoing life through a face,

Photo Exhibits:

-Aoyama Spiritual hallin tokyo.

- Kintetsu Art Museum in Osaka.

-Kobe Fashion Museum in Kobe.

-Amnesty International 40 th Anniversary.

-Woodstock annual benefit Auction.


-Body and Soul ( Universe ).

-Masterminds of Mode ( International Festival of Fashion photography in Japan ).


- Polaroid International Photography Award ( North America 2002).

-Camera ArtsMagazine Polaroid Award Winner (2002)

Equipment use goes from Mamiya 645 to in between 8 *10 view camera here in my Studio in Williamsburg , Brooklyn New York..from candle light to handmade light to Profoto equipment depending of the mood i would like to give..

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  • Gabriela Sauciuc 25/05/2007 19:21

    i love your gallery
    great work

  • Dennis Veldman 19/05/2007 1:18

    cool to have you on here, rock on!
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 09/05/2007 11:52

    excellent work you show. thx for sharing! i'll look forward to more for sure...good to meet you!
    sarah k

  • Marino Mannarini 04/01/2006 17:21

    Hallo Patrick!
    you're like the king among the shepherds, are a pro, and i like your style and the use of light you have.
    Ciao, Marino
  • Patrick de Warren 30/04/2005 8:47

    Thanks to all of you for your comments ..
    It is also refreshing for me to see your work and the wide variety and levels of photography exhibit here in the fotocommunity.

    feel like I am making new friends ...thanks..
  • Kate Eakman 21/04/2005 18:32

    Holy mother! All of your photos are just breathtaking. sooo gorgeous. Good work!
  • Alison Visona 30/03/2005 9:26

    I'm in us more , please?:)
  • Virgil Mlesnita 28/03/2005 12:45

    I really enjoyed your portofolio here and also the photos on your site. Some of them are really amazing in realisation and originality. Regards, Virgil
  • Mario Leko 27/03/2005 13:33

    thank you for your meens even more to me now when i see you work fotography is one of my interest..but i'm just starter...much to learn! maybe you could give some advices...thank you anyway :)
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 26/03/2005 11:24

    it's an honor to have you here.
    Your profile story is just so moving
  • Mic K 05/03/2005 1:03

    wow, Susan Sarandon?!
  • Mic K 05/03/2005 1:00

    cheers and wc to fc!
  • Tana Hall 03/03/2005 11:13

    hi patrick,
    thanx for your kind comment !!
    I am very impressed by your work and curious to see more ... :)
    salut tana
  • Visiones de vida. 02/03/2005 16:13

    Patrick....very much welcome...we hope you enjoy the site..and we are very much looking forward to your work.

  • Chip Johansen 27/02/2005 20:28

    Welcome to Patrick. Hope you have fun and enjoy it here as much as I have. I look forward to seeing your future contributions.
    Regards, Chip