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There's not very much to say. Independent photographer, amateur painter, graduate in French and English.
Photography is my world and I think this is not going to change very soon.
I discovered this site, liked it and decided to share my photos with the other members. To see what they think, to get new opinions, reactions to what I do.

Just adding the link to my personal website.

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  • Sergio Pessolano 29/12/2005 23:36

    Hi Virgil,
    Have a great new year you too.
  • Sergio Pessolano 23/12/2005 11:58

    Hi Virgil,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "The Tribesman". I really enjoy your comment and your appreciation about my work. Merry Christmas and, above all, have a great new year.
  • PINDORIUS 29/03/2005 22:46

    Hi Virgil,

    I think I'm going to enjoy with your photos.
  • Ektor Coughanour 27/03/2005 13:14 have a superb work!! me will be an honor to be in your list in PN!!...your friend Ektor.
  • Snjezana Josipovic 25/03/2005 22:56

    cao :-)

    i just want to thank you on your nice words :-))

  • Mic K 21/03/2005 12:09

    Hi Virgil

    bubbles of the coffee pic are ps-made
    (but without any signification, just liked them)

    thanks for your comments
    like your pics very much

    best regards
  • Dirk Hofmann 15/03/2005 7:49

    Hi Virgil!

    I also want to say "Welcome to!”

    This is a place to look at, think about and discuss photos and I’m quite sure that you’ll find a bunch of nice people around here which share your hobby!
    Hope you'll have the fun I have since I became a member!

  • Virgil Mlesnita 11/03/2005 19:00

    Thank you Elaine, thank you Jutta! How lovely to be given such a kind welcome! Hope to find my best photos for you here. Best wishes
  • JVision 11/03/2005 16:04

    Hi Virgil,
    a very warm welcome to the fotocommunity from me too. It's great to have you here.
    Kind regards
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 10/03/2005 20:53

    Hi Virgil
    welcome to the
    hope you have a great time here.
    if you really want a review or helpful hints
    write under each photo
    "fair comments appreciated"
    or something like that
    take care
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