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A 30 year old software engineer professional based in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • Gallus Pictures present 29/10/2009 17:09

    Halloween Pictures
    from Switzerland

  • Selby T. 14/03/2005 12:22

    Thank you for the lovely comments! I think you should give yourself more credit as a photographer! I enjoy your work so far. I look forward to seeing more from you!

  • Margaux Sahlman 24/02/2005 12:04

    its nice to see another Atlantian as well~
  • Emma Bullivant 23/02/2005 23:23

    hello : ) thnk you very much, to be honest all i can tell you is that i shook the camera quite a bit but i cant even tell you what i was taking a picture of as i cant make it out myself! but yeh if you just shake the camera whilst taking the picture and put it to a slow shutter speed, it tends to have some interesting results : )
    thank you for your comment. its very strange i was looking at your pictures earlier and i especially love "one without another" the bold colours are great i really lik eit : )
    tata for now : ) emma
  • Rachel A 21/02/2005 18:11

    Thanks for your comment Christopher! Enjoy FC, I look forward to seeing more of your work (my favorite is 'aged to perfection', and all of your titles are quite clever. thumbs up!)
  • Nicklaus W 21/02/2005 16:16

    Hey! Thanks for your comment. Do you photograph people at all? Hey, i'm the same age as u. Hehe.
  • So- Lo 20/02/2005 16:13

    For such a dog statue you'd have to go to Utrecht, the Netherlands, though I think that wouldn't be really worth the trip. ;) Thanks for commenting. :)

  • JVision 18/02/2005 6:00

    Hi Christopher,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. Great to see you here.
    Have fun.
  • Louisa Schlepper 16/02/2005 12:16

    hi and welcome! :-)
    hope you enjoy the fotocommunity!
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