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i dun really know how to use a camera
right now i've got a little fuji and i like it allot i've also started using a holga cfn and a little action shot which i love

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  • Gallus Pictures present 29/10/2009 17:10

    Halloween Pictures
    from Switzerland

  • HG Dienstag 23/08/2006 12:12

    Thanks for your visits

    HG Dienstag

  • Eamon Lynch 14/01/2006 3:29

    love your work keep it coming.. ya have a good eye for a nice shot..
  • Luca Senatore 25/12/2005 10:02

    Hi there thanks very much for your comment on "Enough Please"..
  • Hans Frechen 30/06/2005 12:18

    hallo margaux,
    thangs for your coment on my profil, have a nicr time and good light.
    lg hans
  • Ab Vuijk 04/03/2005 10:27

    Hi Margaux!
    Thanks for leaving a message for me, your warm welcome and kind comment. I'm really glad you like this picture too!. Yes Gouda is a lovely place and not only cheese is made there. I like to see some photo's of you too! All photos good taken with an clearly subject have their beauty I think. Thanks again!
  • Nicklaus W 22/02/2005 15:22

    Thanks for your comment, i'm really glad you like the picture. It's a pity it's so big, you can't really see it clearly. Try saving it to desktop and viewing from there if you have to. Otherwise, check out some of my other pix if you can. C yA!
  • Christopher Trauco 22/02/2005 4:04

    Finally someones from Atlanta GA
  • George Bayer 15/02/2005 20:36

    Hi there, Margaux !
    Too bad I cannot welcome you here, because you came here sooner :)
    Well, I wish you best luck on your path of a photographer ! Also in the other parts of your life. ;)

  • Sarndra 12/02/2005 10:13

    Margaux.... :-)

    You are so right! It is fun and that's all that matters :-) Thank you for leaving a message for me!
  • Jordan Shepler 02/02/2005 2:38

    I love you...
  • Peter Lawrence 01/02/2005 7:41

    Margaux I echo Elaine's words, keep at it and remember to have fun,
    Peter :-)
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 01/02/2005 6:51

    Hi Margaux,
    great to see you here. Dont worry about not knowing how to use your camera. Lots of folks dont know how and take the best pictures. That's the best part of it, you dont use your brain. Just go by your gut.
    In time you'll learn.
    Keep up the good work
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