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I started to take photos when I was very little and I was allowed to use one little older camera. Then, after some years, I returned to taking photos when my father recieved a digital camera. I liked it a lot, and later I recieved a digital camera for birthday too. It wasn't the best one, but it was my first own camera. One year ago, I finally recieved a great digital camera I use now.
As for my favourite themes, I like to watch beautiful landscapes and different light effects, like sun set, rainbows and so. I also love to take photos of animals, though it is a little more difficult since they tend to run away from me. :)
My current camera is Minolta Dimage A1. If you are about to buy it and you are not suer - I really reccomend it. It is great. I do not use filters too much, just one blurring filter.

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