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All photos are taken with a Canon IXUSi or 350D

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  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:50

    i know :( gandalfs was my my second home.
    was there every friday.. then my best friend got banned and it became shit.

    every says the outdoor trance parties are better, but personally i prefer indoor. you should go, they are much better. but if you don't like trance, it really isn't for you, hey.

    so u stayin in this WHOLE weekend?
  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:45

    oh they can't be as lethal as mine :)

    last night was the first friday i've stayed in that my mind can remember.. it was weird.

    i normally go to obz or trance parties.
    but often in long st sometimes greenpoint too.

  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:39

    haha me too..

    i waited there for 2 hours once, waiting for a friends..and i met 8 people.. it made my night.

    i shall be stopping again there after my night out excited, lookin forward to it more than the party itself
  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:24

    haha yes, there's a whole 3 house :)

    i know.. one night, i came back and me and a few friends had the munchies so we decided to have a meal, (we were rather desperate).. the meal was unbelievably vile.. my found was lucky enough to have found a plaster in her spag bol... hungry??
  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:17

    ahh thanks my alice in wonderland dress :)

    i stay on the nek, in that forest (in a house, not a hut), opposite that dodgy restuarant :)

  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:11

    ahh cool, i stay in constantia :)

    have an awesome day x
  • Vela PAX 18/12/2005 13:36

    i like your photos
    and wanna see more;-)

  • Dirk Hofmann 12/12/2005 21:19

    Hi Nicholas!

    I also want to say "Welcome to!”

    This is a place to look at, think about and discuss photos and I’m quite sure that you’ll find a bunch of nice people around here which share your hobby!
    Hope you'll have the fun I have since I became a member!

  • Dida Atanasova 10/06/2005 10:50

    ihahahaha thx a lot!south Africa,,mmmmm amazing there may be!I have got a very good friend of mine living there:))))xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Luca Senatore 02/06/2005 19:14

    cheaking through your pictures, they really cool.
  • Nicolas Ürlings 08/03/2005 14:03

    Nice pics, just go on.

  • Christopher Trauco 21/02/2005 22:51

    Keeps the photos coming
  • Len Solomon 12/02/2005 14:41

    Hi Nicholas
    Nice pics
    thanks for intriducing me to dis site

  • Stefale 19/11/2004 20:02

    hi there
    you're a very sweet guy ;o)
    ~+~ Mood ~+~
    ~+~ Mood ~+~
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