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  • Florin Novac 19/10/2005 10:08

    Thank you for all your commets to my pictures and in my profile. Hope to see some great new images from you, until then greetings from italy.
    Le Cinque Terre 1
    Le Cinque Terre 1
    Florin Novac
  • Ad Verhoeven 19/09/2005 15:55

    Ha Valhalla,mooie naam overigens,bedankt voor je aanmerking op mijn foto van de Erasmusbrug.Best leuk om eens in je eigen taal te kunnen reageren.

    LG Ad V

  • Dirk No.elle 18/09/2005 2:13

    Hi Vania,
    thanks for your recent comment to my quite old seagull picture from Trieste. It is always nice to see, that also older pictures are looked up. (and even from outside the German FC)



    by the way, really nice stuff here!!
  • Maxim Van den Bossche 10/09/2005 22:52

    zonde dat ik je werk niet eerder was tegengekomen.
    dan was het enigszins makkelijker een fotov je te becommentariëren-voor zoverik dat kan natuurlijk.

    maar hey, bedankt mijn werk te becommentariëren zodat ik nu het jouwe kan aanschouwen:)

  • Rob Wells 11/06/2005 21:25

    Thanks for your comments, Elisabetta.

    You have a very good set of photo's and your website is really impressive.

    Take care. Rob.
  • Esti Eini 19/04/2005 19:22

    Thank you for your comment to my pic
    Seagulls in Gibraltar
    Seagulls in Gibraltar
    Esti Eini

    I like your photos very much and especially:
    A touch of frost
    I need an island
    Doggie twins.
  • Helen Page 08/04/2005 12:31

    I looked at your website and it is enthralling. I love your photos, writing and sensitivity. Thank you. Helen
  • Jordan Shepler 30/03/2005 1:04

    awsomely-awsome work you have...
    oh, and enjoy the Kool-Aide, for their is plenty and it is free...
    another message that makes no sense, brought to you by Jordan!
  • Pierre Matile 22/01/2005 20:20

    Thank you for your comment. Your pictures are very "different".
  • Anastasya I. 15/01/2005 15:47

    Thanks so much for visiting my poor creations!! I add you to buddies so that I can see more of your good fotos afterwards!

    lovely greeting
  • Ascanio Colonna di Paliano 14/01/2005 13:18

    Very fine pictures, I'm impressed! There so much more to a woman when it comes to sensitiveness.. when I go around with my girlfriend taking pictures I find myself overdone by her, finding all the right spots.
    I'd just love her to learn how to take the pics too, girls holding huge cameras are sooo sexy!
  • Josep A. Collado 30/12/2004 23:14

    Seeing your compositions, almost in spite of doubling the age, I can not avoid to feel me one little childish when I look my photos .
    Truly you are an ARTIST (with capital letters).
    I am very grateful for your comment .
    Josep Antoni.
  • Dirk Hofmann 29/12/2004 23:42

    hi valhalla!

    welcome to! i think you found the right place for showing your works, discussions with other photographers and maybe to find new ideas ...

    i'm quite sure that you'll have a bunch of buddies soon and you will find the same fun around here that i have since i became a member.

    will watch your works ...

    take care

    ps: very impressive website!
  • panoramatic 28/12/2004 0:31

    Bedankt voor de "Anmerkung"!
    Photomanipulation... dat zal ik morgen eens gaan bekijken...
    Groeten uit Delft!
  • Fabrizio N. 27/12/2004 19:11

    I visited your site and I was really impressed. Good pictures but above all: wonderful photomanipulation works, great site and very good english/interests/passions/impressions/....
    Where the hell have you been so far? :)
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