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Monteen McCord

Free Account, Canton

Red-neck Koi

When I bought this property, the pond was sterile. so I bought some Bullfrog tadpoles, parrot feather, duckweed and a bunch of feeder goldfish. So, instead of freaking out that my fishy financial investment is being obliterated by kingfishers, herons, Red-shouldered hawks, Barred owls and Raccoons, I welcome natural predation to my yard.

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  • Lockhear 02/11/2007 17:23

    The place, where are you living, must be magical... So much nice animals..... I envy you :). I have only two fishtanks in my small flat.
  • Vera Böhm 28/10/2007 19:12

    My little sister ask me for a long time ago:

    "What is swimming there in the pond?
    Swimming there carrots?"

    That was a very funny question. ;-))

    Regards, Vera.
  • Vesela Maleeva 28/10/2007 18:15

    Beautiful red spots in the green of the pond.